Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wedding Planning Guide: Second Weddings

Q. Should my children be present at my second marriage?
A. Unless they are bitter about your marriage or dislike your fiance(e), they should definitely attend. Nothing could serve better to make them feel a part of the excitement and help them to accept a new family relationship.

Q. lam being married for the second time. Is it acceptable for my friends to give me a bridal shower?
A. Yes, but it should be a small and intimate party and, if possible, the guest list should include people other than those who attended showers for your first marriage.

Q. As a widow engaged to remarry, I'm confused about what I should do with my first engagement and wedding rings. How long may I continue to wear them before my second wedding?
A. The point at which you become engaged is the time to stop wearing the rings from your first marriage. Your first engagement ring may be kept for your children, if you wish, or the stone may be reset in another piece of jewelry. If you wish to save your
first wedding ring for' sentimental reasons, or to give later to one of your children, you may.

Q. What should a bride who is being married for the second time wear?
A. She should not wear pure white, a veil, orange blossoms or a dress with a train. For a very simple wedding, a short cocktail dress or suit in a pastel color is always in good taste. For a more elaborate wedding, a long dress in a very pale color, off-white or white with color in the trim and in her accessories is lovely and most appropriate.

Q. Is it correct to send engraved invitations to a second marriage?
A. Yes, if the wedding is large enough to merit it. The invitations may be exactly like those for a first marriage, except that the bride's whole name is used.

Q. My fiance was married before in a lavish formal wedding. I've never been married and have always dreamed of a formal wedding. Since this is his second wedding should we have just a simple ceremony, or may we have a formal wedding?
A. You may plan as simple or as lavish a wedding as you wish. The fact that the groom has been married before does not prevent you from having a formal wedding.

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