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Candy & Chocolate Favor Ideas

Heart Shaped Cookies

I am thinking about making heart shaped sugar cookies with a tiny hole in the upper right hand corner, so I can put a personalized ribbon through them that has our name and wedding date. The ribbon will be the color of my bride's maid's dresses and attached to the ribbon will be a tag with the ingredients that "little girls and boys are made of" . I would like to put sugar on top of the cookie in the color of my bride's maid's dresses, however they are going to be "pewter" so I don't think that will look good...(if you are using red or pink though, that would be ideal). I will probably buy some of those little silver candy beads. It will probably cost under $2 per guest to make these favors and my mother and I can have fun making them together.

Chocolate Dog Bones
From Christine and Steve, Minnetonka, MN

We are both animal lovers, as all of our family and friends who are coming to our wedding know, and share our home with quite a few pets, including 3 dogs, one of whom we adopted from a rescue operation. We decided that we would make chocolate dog bones, from a candy mold and melted chocolate from Michaels craft shop. We will decorate these with a ribbon, and tag which will indicate that we have made a donation in memory of all of our loved ones who are sharing our special day with us to the Canine Rescue operation which we adopted our dog Sabrina from, so that they may help other abandoned and abused animals find loving homes. We will either have these at each place at the tables, or may have them in a basket by our guest book.

Chocolate Daisies

Use daisy seeds and write a note that says "He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me! We tied the knot." I could not find daisy seeds in bulk so instead I molded chocolate candy daisies in lavender with a yellow center. We tied them in clear , pearlized cellophane and attached the saying along with their names and wedding dates. They were tied in lavender ribbon. The chocolate cost 10cents per favor and the cellophane and ribbon was minimal.

Candy Bar Mementos
From Susan , Kitchener Ontario

I really wanted to give something to my guests that they would be able to enjoy and is unique. After going through many ideas with my mother, I finally decided chocolate bars. I had the wrappers designed and printed in colour at my work, so it cost me nothing. I had childhood picture of me and my fiancé scanned and placed on it along with a little poem thanking them for sharing our day. On the back, where the ingredients usually are listed, I put all the people that were involved in the wedding as the ingredients. So it would list: Bride: Susan, daughter of Susan & Leslie Cheko, Groom: Raymond, son of ... etc. Because I am Hungarian and my fiancé is Iris, we also included a saying in Gaelic and Hungarian to incorporate our cultures. The cost is very low - usually $.75 to $1.00 per chocolate bar (CDN), and the wrappers can be made and printed on a personal computer - even in black & white. Everyone that has seen the wrappers or heard of my idea, thought it was great.... and everyone has a snack they can eat - and the wrappers can fit in a scrap book if desired for a memento. No dust collector here!!!

Huggs and Kisses

For our informal, outdoor ceremony/reception, I have made/will complete the following favors in ivory & burgundy with "wedding bell" theme: "Huggs & Kisses," (not totally made yet) I'll wrap a Hershey's HUGG & a KISS or 2 (approx. 24 pcs. of candy/bag @ $2.89 - $3) in tulle (using alternating colors of tulle (1.99/pkg of 50) & curling ribbon (100 ft roll @ $0.50/roll). Tie the tulle with ribbon (leave approx. 1/4 inch of ribbon), then tie verse "Huggs & Kisses from the new Mr. & Mrs." (made of narrow place cards cut in half - 50/pk @ $2.59/pkg; then apply pre-printed label (extras from box purchased @ office supply store for my return address on envelopes - approx $6 -- 33 labels/sheet) - with verse I composed; apply label to right end of halved place card; use hole punch on upper right end of card (make sure saying /verse is right-side up); then pull ribbon extending from tied tulle bundle through card & tie; use scissors to curl ribbon ends. Scrolls: From paper supply catalog, purchased "theme" paper (preprinted w/lacy background, strand of pearls entwined around rose stem) box of 100 - on sale for $10.00 - orig. price $15.95/box of 100) -- composed verse thanking everyone for sharing our special day ... printed verse on paper, rolled long-ways and secured w/gold band (144/pkg @ $1.79) and placed in decorated basket to be handed to guests as they arrive. Scroll Alternatives: tie rolled scroll w/curling ribbon and add decorative i.e.: wired flower, rings) -- purchase plain/colored paper and, using PC, incorporate boarder, wedding clip-art. then print with a personalized verse. Gold Bells: purchased 2 boxes gold bells (approx 1 1/2" high) 25 bells/box @ .$0.25/ea bell - used green floral wire (18 or 22 gauge) cut into 3" pieces (can cut approx. 3 pieces from each wire -- 24 wires/pkg @ 1.89); make loop and attach to bell'; hot glue flower to top where wired. Attach pre-made label (same as that of Huggs & Kisses) and insert curling ribbon through hole in top of bell, then tie verse label. Wedding Programs : from paper supply catalog, purchased 3-panel blank brochure papers (100/box @ 21.00) that matched scroll paper -- Using word processing on PC, set up 3-column margins, composed/printed "welcome" statement, verses (front & back), ceremony sequence (including music - song title/artist), members of wedding party/relationship to bride & groom) and memorial statement for those who are no longer among us. Included "Our Wedding Ceremony," names of bride & groom & date on front cover. These were folded into thirds and placed in decorative basket to be handed to guests as they arrive. Program alternative: Using PC, purchase plain 28 or 38 lb. paper - incorporate boarders, floral pattern; compose verses, etc. Can set up 2-column margins & print, then fold paper in half.

Chocolate Golf Balls
From Becky C

We gave out chocolate golf balls to each guest. I placed a golf ball (wrapped in silvery/while foil with dimples on it) on blue Easter grass, inside a square plastic box (with gold hearts all over it), along with 2 tees with our names and date on them. The boxes came shipped in a plastic bag type wrap, then I tied them together with a blue ribbon with our names and date on that as well. They were a hit! Each guest thought this was a great idea. My husband and I are both avid golfers, hence we had our reception at a local country club. In addition, my shower was held at a country club as well.

Chocolate Dipped Oreos
From Tara

We are doing chocolate dipped Oreos. We will do them ourselves and save money. We did a practice batch and they are SO easy. You can buy the chocolate discs to melt. We are doing white and milk choc/mint. The favor boxes are from a wine and cake store that sells them for about 39 cents each. The cost is minimal. The Oreos look really pretty (we are putting rainbow jimmies on the white choc.) My fiancé loves Oreo mint blizzards from DQ and that is how we picked the flavor!

Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies
From Jamie

I've been searching for something creative, something original....and I finally found it!! Foil wrapped, chocolate dipped fortune cookies!! I sampled one at a wedding show last month, and they were delicious. They come wrapped in your choice of beautiful foil colors. You can also customize your own fortune inside.....ours will read "Fairy Tales Do Come True....and it Can Happen To You! Justin & Jamie, July 24, 1999" The cookies are about $1.20/each.

Burlap Feed Bags
From Nicole

We're having a country wedding and I decided to try some burlap bags with feed written on them. I'm going to fill them with Hershey kisses w/almonds because are colors are yellow and ivory and the gold will bend best. I bought five yards of burlap for about ten dollars the pull tight string at the top of the bags for about two dollars and I haven't picked up the kisses yet but already a big savings because I've made one hundred and twenty-five and the internet price is 43.50 for thirty-six of them.

Personalized Chocolate Wrappers
From Melinda

Here's an idea. Instead of paying as much as $50 for personalized Hershey Bar wrappers, why not make them yourself? I scanned in an actual run-of-the-mill Hershey Bar wrapper into my computer. By using the image as a guide, I made my own that included names, date, saying, etc., and you can make it look any way that you want! There is a lot of wedding clip art on the web that is free for the taking. I bought some glossy paper and the candy bars from Sam's Club and spent about $35 for 100 favors. (That's WITH the chocolate folks.) Plus, I had a ball doing it!

Homemade Jam
From Amy and Rob

My fiancée, Rob, and I are preparing for a June wedding with about 100 guests. We are getting married in a small town in New Hampshire, and want some kind of "country-ish" style to our wedding. Since my bridesmaids and I will be carrying wildflowers, we thought a colorful favor would be great. Besides the color and country, we wanted our favors to be from the heart, not cheesy! So, we're making our own jam! In a few months, when the strawberries are in season, we're going to go out and handpick them, and with the help of our attendants, make the jam in our own kitchen. I went out and bought 100 of those 2oz. jars of Gerber baby food (the banana makes good banana spice cake!), peeled off the labels, washed them and soaked them, and then spray painted the lids a bright reddish color. Now we're ready to make the jam!

Colored Candy
From Carolyn

If you have ANY idea what colors you might want ahead! Most candy, especially chocolate can be frozen until you need it. That means if you would like pastel-colored candy (purple, green, blue, yellow, etc) get it NOW, while the Easter candy is in the stores, oranges and browns in the fall, greens and reds at Xmas, reds and golds at Valentines (+ lots of cute little love motifs!). It'll save a heck of a lot of money over having to buy it custom done at a later date...and if you're like me, and hate Jordan almonds, consider the Easter pastel M&M almonds -- same colors, better flavor!

Just Like Godiva
From Cynthia Davidson

I plan on buying small gold favor boxes from a party supply store and filling them each with a single truffle. I will also hot glue a red silk rose on top. (duplicate of Godiva chocolates)

From Jill Batey

My daughter just got married this past weekend (March 6) and I did most of the party favors myself, except of course for the matchbooks, match boxes, etc. I molded white chocolate into heart shapes, put 2 in a plastic bag and tied with a ribbon, put a plastic spoon (in the wedding color) with 2 Hershey kisses in a bag tied with a ribbon and with a saying: a spoonful of love, a couple of kisses, Mike & Casey are now Mr. and Mrs. (that was a favorite) and also bookmarks that I made on my computer. I also decorated heart shaped paper mache boxes with colorful fabrics the color of the wedding and used as centerpieces, people were fighting over them! They also held all the party favors. A lot of work, but also a lot of fun. The most expensive was of course the boxes, because the material cost more than anything else. Probably spent about $50, candy was very inexpensive as was the spoons because I bought them at an outlet party store.

Chocolate Spoon
From Unknown

I wanted to use something unique for my wedding favors. I choose one of Hudson's favors. They call it a chocolate spoon, which is a gold plated spoon with the actual spoon being coated with chocolate and sprinkled with pearl droplets. Around the spoon is that netting and a ribbon. The cost is $1.50 a piece. So for my wedding, which I am having 175 people was $262.50. However this did not include a card or anything with our names and wedding date on it. This was something that my fiancé wanted, so the cost to buy 175 confetti cards was $55.00.

Gummy Bears
From Beth and Tim, Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Our kind of theme for the wedding is bears and our colors are green and purple. We're getting gummy bears, the green ones and the purple ones, and wrapping theme in tulle. We are also printing out the tags to go on the favors, with our names and the date, so it will always be remembered. We haven't priced them out, yet, but if we buy the bears in bulk, it shouldn't be too bad.

Hershey Kiss Roses
From Jennifer, 5-22

We are doing the Hershey Kiss roses. I am making them. The Cellophane was $3 a roll. Kisses are running about $5 for 2 bags (Giant Eagle). Floral tape is about $2 for two rolls. Floral wire is about $2 for dozen 18" lengths. Silk rose leaves are a bout $1.50 per dozen. Making about 250 of them. At this point in time I have 120 made so far.

Jordan Almonds & Bells
From Amy

We're having five Jordan almonds wrapped in tulle circles tied with personalized ribbons of our names and wedding date. Also tied to the ribbon is a small card with one of about 10 different quotes from children about love and marriage (I saw these circulated via e-mail a year or two ago and thought they'd be fun to include). The quotes are things like "Love is great, but baseball's pretty good, too." The other thing we're doing is having small brass bells on the tables for people to ring in order to make us kiss. These will also have the ribbon tied at the top with a small poem about the reason for the bells on the tables. There aren't enough for everyone to have one (about 60 bells for 100 guests), but those who want to take them home may do so.

Belgium Chocolate in white boxes with Organza Ribbon
From Cheryl & John, 5-1, Newport Beach, California

We will have white boxes with organza ribbon to match our colors with two Belgian chocolates inside and a small thank you typed out on pretty paper cut with the fun shaped scissors, I have a bridesmaid from Belgium and she offered to get the chocolates for me once I explained what wedding favors were. we will also have the wedding bubbles wrapped in white tulle circles tied with an off white ribbon with a short poem about the bubbles tied on with the ribbon. we will also have one disposable camera per table and I have made white satin drawstring bags for each one with the organza ribbon and another poem about the cameras. I chose to go with white and the other organza ribbon and the off white ribbon because I have no choice on the linen color at the reception and they are a peach color. White look much better on the peach so I have added my colors to the ribbons only.

Sweets & Treats
From Carrie & Jessie, 9-18, Cincinnati, Ohio

For our wedding favors, we are using small white gift bags (that my mom and I are decorating this weekend) filled with the following items:
1) jelly beans (blueberry and pine colada flavored Jelly Bellies)
2) Hershey's almond kisses (gold wrappers)
3) white chocolate hearts that I will make from a mold
4) a book mark that we will design and print on our own printer with a
"thank you for celebrating w/us" message of some sort (I'll try to work in a line about this wedding day marking a new chapter in our lives... I need to think about that more) 5) bubbles with a tag explaining when/why to use them. Our colors are Ivory, Navy, and Gold. That's why we chose the specific Jelly Belly flavors and almond kisses. We are wrapping the jelly beans and white chocolate hearts in ivory tulle w/ivory ribbon. The cost per favor comes to only approx. $1.15 each. I found the gift bags for 6 cents a piece, which is great! I LOVE jelly beans and white chocolate, and my mom and I used to mold chocolates a lot when I was little. I also share a passion for books with my FMIL, so the bookmark thing will be related to our interest in books. We threw in the bubbles because it is an easy way to "distribute" them. We added the almond kisses to add more things in the bag (kind of a filler, and plays out the gold color). I will definitely use the idea of using ice cube trays to help when wrapping the candy in tulle.

M & Ms
From Marci

We are tying up lavender M&M's in tulle with a personalized ribbon and my MIL is buying about 60 pretty swan shaped candle holders ($2 each) and putting a votive candle in each one. That gift is a little too warm and fuzzy for the men:-) That's why we only got 60 of them when we are having 100 people. We figure 1 per couple and the men will like the chocolate.

Chocolate & Crossword Puzzles
From Betsy

We were thinking of using Stephany's Chocolates, maybe wrapped in tulle. We're getting married in Denver, and they're a Denver company whose signature chocolate is the Denver Mint, so I'd thought I'd use those. I also thought about doing a personalized crossword puzzle. All the answers could be about us (how we met, where we were born, etc). I thought we could put them at the dinner tables, and they could be ice breakers for people sitting with those they don't know. Since we will have people at the wedding from all different parts of our lives, not everyone will know each other, and at least this would spark conversations at dinner. I'm really into crossword puzzles, so that makes it fit too.

Bubbles, Frames & Gourmet Candy Apples
From Julie C

I'm doing 3 things: bubbles for the ceremony, frames for place cards, and gourmet candy apples! We are spending about 25 cents for the bubbles (including a new personalized label and a tag for what it's for, the frames with patterns of falling leaves are $1.50 each and I'm making the place cards myself, the apples I might buy if they can give me a deal in bulk...if it's over $3 each, I'm going to make them myself and then wrap them in cellophane with golden leaf designs and tie them burgundy and gold ribbons with a tag with our names. I have most of these things on sale! I choose bubbles since I don't want to worry about the cleanup of anything thrown, the frames and apples go with my autumn theme. The labels I'm making on the computer, the tags as well but will cut them with a paper cutter and then edge and shape them with a paper edger to look like a leaf and I'll use a leaf punch for the hole to string the tag to the bubbles and the apples. The apples are easy to make: I'd buy the huge red apples, dip them in melted caramel and then leave some plain, roll some in nuts, and drizzle some with chocolate.

Looney Tunes Chocolates
From Leigh & Brian, 10-16, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We have pretty much decided to use Looney Tunes shaped molds to make chocolates. I would like to spend $1.00 or less, because there are many things that are more important to me than the favors. However, we wanted to have SOME type of favor, and with our families, chocolate is always a good thing! It's simple, but something that is likely not to get wasted (for those who don't want it, they can take it home to their kids).

Maple Syrup
From Heidi & Charlie, 9-25, Shaftsbury, Vermont

We are giving small heart shaped bottles of maple syrup. The bottles cost about .95 each, and the syrup is free! My parents make their own. Then we are tying small cards with our names, wedding date, and a thank you on them.

Candy Wrappers & Chocolate
From Stacy & Gus, 9-5

We are buying the Hershey bar wrappers and putting them on the Hershey bars ourselves. We will use the big an miniature bars. I found if I buy the candy bars at Sams and then buy the wrappers I can give 1 big bar and 2 small bars for a total of 2.00 to 3.00. I am buying the wrappers from Carson Enterprises (I think). I am also giving bubbles and programs if that counts. I will make the programs myself and decorate the bubbles myself.

From Nina

I used homemade biscotti wrapped in cellophane bags and tied with ribbon. It also had a sticker that I signed in gold ink.

M & Ms
From April & Brian, 5-15, West Virginia

We are using M&M's wrapped in tulle tied with a ribbon and a little tag. The cost per person is about $.47 each. We are using M&M's in one color only (dark blue, which is our color) tying them in white tulle and tying them with a blue ribbon. The tag says :
A M&M Wedding - April and Brian - May 15, 1999 - Thank you for sharing our day!
We decided on M&M's because we wanted something edible and our last name both begin with an "M." We are also having bubbles for the guest to blow at us. We are tying them in blue tulle with white ribbon, no tags. The cost per guest was $.50. With these choice we could include two favors for less than $1.00 per guest. NOTE: If you are filling tulle with candy or something small, an ice cube tray or egg carton works well when handling to keep the tulle centered and easier to tie the ribbon around.

Chocolate & Bubbles
From Vanessa & Chris, 8-14, Eagan, Minnesota

After changing my mind about a zillion times, I decided to give chocolates and bubbles. I couldn't decide which favor to do, so I'm doing both. I wanted to also have matchbooks until my MOH pointed out that it seems kind of silly to give out matchbooks when the banquet room is non-smoking! For the chocolates, I'm wrapping up 2 Dove Promises, 2 Nestle Treasures, 2 each of Hershey's Hugs and Kisses in green tulle and tying them with a white personalized ribbon printed in gold (or a gold ribbon printed in white if I can find them that way instead) and with a little card attached. The card will say something to the effect of how that today they witnessed us "promise" to "treasure" one another and "hugs" and "kisses" from us both. I haven't worked out the exact wording yet, though. Depending on how much I have to pay for the chocolates (I'm buying them in bulk from Sam's Club) it works out to be around $1 or so per favor. I'm a TOTAL chocoholic and this favor won't be tossed out and forgotten, just eaten! The bubbles will be wrapped in green tulle and tied with a personalized ribbon with an attached card, too. I would like our guests to blow bubbles during our first dance so the card will say something to that effect. The bubbles work out to be less than $1 each.

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