Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wedding Poems: For the Parents/Family (3)

I'm still your little girl
Poem by Andrea Kennedy North Yorkshire, England

Mum and Dad, you've brought me up and I really want to say
That I love you very much on this very special day.
You've looked after me, protected me from the horrors of the world,
But although I'm taking adult steps, I'm still your little girl.
I'll always need your love, you know, your presence in my life
Even though from this day forth, I am someone's wife.
So thank you both for everything, because my life sprang from you
I'll use you as my role models in everything I do.

To Mom & Dad in Heaven
Poem by Eileen O'Hara Dix Hills, NY

My Wedding day is finally here
My only wish is for you to be near
I am marrying the man of my dreams
He is everything that he seems
I know you both love us so
and you'll be with us, We know
I know you'll be watching from above
Because of that, the day will be filled with love
I will be thinking of you throughout the day
There will not be enough words that I can say
To express to you how sad I am
That this was God's ultimate plan.

I love you Mommy & Daddy

This wedding to be
Poem by linda johnson

I've felt you in heaven, watching over this wedding to be.
I know that you found Michael, and sent him to charm me.
I wish you could see the woman I have become.
A sister, a friend, a soon to be wife, and someday I hope, a MOM.
I feel so fortunate to have Michael in my life, he's such a great man.
He makes me a better person, and guess what Dad? he's a Patriots fan.
I've missed you so much, there was plenty I wanted to say.
But you've given me the gift of cherishing every moment of every day.
Michael and I won't take our lives for granted, these moments go by so fast.
The times we have today eventually become our memories of the past.
So we'll live life and enjoy it, be the best people we can be.
Until we meet again in heaven, We'll enjoy this wedding to be.

In Honor of my Dad-On my Wedding Day
Poemy Donna Roberts

Oh, my Papa, can you see,
Through space and the Milky Way?
Just how happy my heart feels?
For it's my Wedding Day!

Did you ever dream so big?
And know this day would come?
And that I’d stand with one I love
Reflected in the Son?

Oh, my Papa, I need a hug
Even tho’ you’re not here;
To let me know you love me still
And hold me and calm my fears.

I miss your laughter to this day
I miss your hugging Mom.
It’s been so long since you left this earth
And went to your heavenly Home.

I just wanted to let you know
That I’ve found someone so real!
He loves me, Papa, like I never dreamed
That any man, for me, could feel.

Could you send a little star my way?
And let me know you’re close?
And an angel here and there?
Don’t need a big heavenly host.

I love you Papa; I wish you could see
How happy my heart is today.
Thanks for loving me and helping me
To be ready for my wedding day.

Wedding Poems: For the Parents/Family (2)

Poem by Amy Hanley

When i look into your eyes i see hurt for all the pain ive caused

When i look into your eyes i see anger for all the trouble ive been

When i look into your eyes i see encouragement without this i wouldnt be who i am today

When i look into your eyes i see love the kind of love no-one else could ever give me

When i look at you i see a wonderful, beautiful, talented woman who i am lucky enough to be able to say is my mother

In Loving Memory
Poem by Michelle R. DiSalvo New Windsor, N.Y.

On this day, somewhat bittersweet,the thought of you pains my heart.
I cannot help but remember the day we seemed destined to part.
I know you are looking down us us,watching from above.
Yet, how I wish you were here today showing your support, and love.
I'm all grown up now, but I still wish you were here by my side.
I need you here on the day that I am becoming a bride.
However, I cannot change the past.
All that's left now are sweet memories.
Memories, and thoughts that in my heart will always last.
I am moving forward, but I can't help looking back.
Thinking of you, and how you did everything in your own special way.
Because of you, I have learned to cherish each, and every single day.

Daddy, I love you with all of my heart. You are sadly missed, and will never be forgotten.

To my mom on my wedding day
Poem by Jackie Morgan

Mom, you taught me many things
as I grew up in your love
To make my dreams reality
and to pray to God above
I never needed for a friend
you are the best for me
Our lahghter, tears, and memories
are who I am and what I'll be
We've shared so much through these years
and I can't wait to share years more
Together we'll explore the future,
though I won't be up one floor
My future husband is the Knight
you prayed that he would be.
Mom, you made me believe in love
Cause you gave it to me.

For My Parents (from Son)
Poem by Mandee Sears

For My Parents

I know I don?t say it often, and you can?t read my mind,
But on the eve of my wedding day, I thought I should be inclined,
To tell you how special you are, and you mean the world to me
A son couldn?t have better parents, or a better family tree.

I have always felt very loved, even when I was in trouble.
Which all of us know was more than you imagined, maybe even double!
I hope to pass on that love, to children of my own,
The example you set will be hard to follow, but I will not be alone.

I was once a little boy, that you raised with love and care
I have now become a man, and my life I am ready to share.
She is my life, my best friend, my soulmate and confidante,
There is no other person, that I could ever want.

Tomorrow we?ll be joined in marriage, for now and evermore,
I?ll be armed with the qualities you taught me, and, am now, thanking you for.
Please know that I might not say it, but my heart is full of love,
For the things I have, but mostly for, yourselves that you gave all of.

Wedding Poems: For the Parents/Family (1)

I am Today
Poem by Sabrina L. Keys

I am the woman I am today because of the man and woman you were yesterday.
Thank you for teaching me responsibility and showing me love in many ways.
When I didn?t believe in myself, you were the ones who always believed in me.
When others let me down your were always the ones who would lift me back to my feet.
Thank you God for blessing me with parents who tended to me so unselfishly.
I am so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for the wonderful childhood memories.

I am the man I am today because of the man and woman you were yesterday.
Thank you for showing me the true meaning of unconditional love in each and every way.
Thank you for guiding and teaching me the ways to become a true, adult man.
I will never forget those lessons that have helped to mold and shape me, now I can honestly say, I understand.
Why you worked so hard to ensure that I remained focused on success and never became lost.
Thank you Lord for the sacrifices my parents made to raise me right at all costs.

We are the couple we are today because of the parents you were yesterday.
Thank you for making it possible for us to unite as one on this very, special day.

Mom and Dad
Poem by Mandee Sears

Tomorrow is the day, I've dreamed of all my life.
I will then be marrying, becoming my love's wife.
I wanted to tell you how special, you two are to me.
You have made me what I am, and am ready to be.

Tonight I will sleep, with dreams of bygone days,
My loving, carefree childhood, and of my childish ways.
Then I will awake, with dreams of things to come,
What my life will be, and who I will become.

With the morning I will have, emotions flowing free,
I just wanted you to know, I'll need you there with me
Your strength and love will guide me, as I become the bride,
As I start this precious journey, I need you by my side.

As I stand with Dad, at the beginning of the aisle
Please look at me dear Mom, I'll need to see your smile.
Your smile and Dad's arm, will help to steady me,
As I take this blessed step, for God and all to see.

I'll always be your daughter, and your love I'll always need,
Though we are starting a new chapter, planting a new seed.
He is my love, my life, my everything to me,
And he will be beside me, as we tackle what will be.

So on the eve of my wedding day, I say these words to you,
Hoping that you realize, you're in everything I do.
Tomorrow I will pledge to him, my very heart and soul,
You have helped to mold me, and he will make me whole.

You Are The Sister I Never Have Had
Poem by Susan Protz

Dedicated to my future sister in law...

I wanted a sister to call all my own
I didn?t get one, my childhood was lone.
I wanted a sister so we could share toys with glee
Alas, all my toys were only played with by me
I wanted a sister with whom to join Scouts
I wanted a sister to share giggly bouts!
I wanted a sister to wear my makeup and clothes
I wanted a sister to help dispel my woes
I wanted a sister to share my joy
Because I got my first date with my very first boy!
I wanted a sister to happily jump up and down
At my high school graduation seeing me in my cap and gown
I wanted a sister to write to from my college dorm room
My letters would be filled with homesick sighs and gloom
I wanted a sister to hear my gripes and vents
About my first boss that made absolutely NO sense!
I wanted a sister to see my shining ring
From the man in my life that made my heart sing
I never got a ?Real? sister ? and here?s the best part that?s true:
I got a genuine sister.
And, that sister is YOU!

Wedding Poems: For the Reception (5)

Rules for Kissing
Poem by Nancy Saxby (formerly Keay) Trenton, Ontario CANADA

The Holiday Inn asks
That you not 'clink' your glass,
to get Terry and Nancy to kiss.
To achieve what you're after
(and generate laughter)
the thing that you must do is this:

Get your noggins' together,
You birds of a feather,
many heads are better than one.
Put down your drink,
what you must do is think.
If you want to see the deed done.

Come up with a song,
rhyme or skit - not too long!
the word LOVE it must contain.
Then all stand up and sing,
recite, act - do your thing,
yourselves do not restrain.

If the folks at your table
don't think that they're able,
to demonstrate talent like this,
there's one other option,
(but use it with caution)
to get Terry and Nancy to kiss.

It's the JAR ...

In the jar, for our pleasure,
and memories to treasure,
some printed instructions you'll find.
You just come up and take one,
Then do it! - you'll have fun,
and nobody here's going to mind.

Don't think you can do it?
Or simply get through it?
It'll cost you - a fine you must pay.
One single loonie,
or maybe a toonie,
and everything will be okay.

After clapping and laughter,
you'll get what you're after,
the newlyweds are sure to embrace.
You worked hard and earned it,
and now we'll return it,
just for the look on your face!

written by Nancy and Terry, for our wedding in August 2002. The jar contained slips of paper each with one thing written on it like "Kiss your partner", or "Do a little tap dance", or "Hug the flowergirl" - things like that. What ended up happening was our guests added to the rules by judging each "performance" - loud appreciation and you were off the hook - not-so-loud appreciation and you paid a $5.00 fine to the jar. They also decided to apply this to the songs and rhymes, too.

All proceeds from the jar were donated to a Christian children's charity called CHILDCARE INTERNATIONAL. Because everyone knew this, they were exceedingly generous - beyond anything we had imagined! Even the smallest children participated, begging loonies from parents and grandparents to put in the jar.

Just a little gift...
Poem by Alysia Marie Chamberlain

Just a little gift from us to say,
Thank you for being here with us today.
And for making our day greater,
Than we ever could wish for.
With our family and friends here,
We need nothing more.

Thanks for all your help
Poemy Elaine

After all we've put you through
You've managed to stay nice
So since you'll want to hit us first
Here's your bag of rice

Wedding Poems: For the Reception (4)

Treasure chest-for a beach or nautical theme wedding
Poem by dona sanchez colorado springs, CO

Please join us on our special day
In the sun, in the sand and at play!

Your attendance will bring us cheer
and will save you time, have no fear!

In lieu of gifts, there will be a treasure chest
To fill with coins, dollars, checks
but we make one request

Please place this treasure in an envelope or card
So we know who it?s from.
It won?t be hard.

Thank you in advance from the bottom of our hearts
Our friends and families are the real treasures
We?ve known that from the start!

Thank You to Guests
Poem by Mandee Sears

It means so much to us
to have you here today,
that we wanted to say Thank You
in a very special way

Though this little gift could never
repay you what we owe
for your time, your love and friendship
please take it as you go

Lift me up
Poem by Dawn Boger

I bought four picture boxes. Instead of normal wedding cameras. On the outside of the box, there are four windows, we wrought special thoughts on one side and have dedicated one box a piece to our parents and grandmothers. this way they can keep a small floral box with special pictures in side from the wedding. We put two cameras in each box and they will be center pieces for our wedding aside from other center pieces. My little sister Delores Wishon came up with this poem for us, we put the poem on in the other frames giving guest the directions to the cameras. I would like to see if you would print this poem for her. I am proud to have such a creative sister.

Lift me up & pop me open,
Look inside and find a token,
find me hidden inside,
snap a picture of the groom and bride.

Take one or maybe two,
pass me over to the person next to you.
Keep me moving on and on,
til my film's all gone.

Place me back safe and tight,
until after this wedding night.

A Kiss for a Kiss
Poem by Mandee Sears

The tradition is to clink, to get us to kiss,
we don't like that, so we thought of this...

Call on your experience, wisdom and talent
show us how it's done and our try will be gallant!

Poem for Scrapbook/Keepsake Guest Book
Poem by Christine Hemmerich

A precious collection of memories, this guest book is meant to be.
Take your time and collect your thoughts, then write them down for posterity.

You might choose words of wisdom, encouragement or a joke.
Possibly a poem, a funny drawing or a wedding anecdote.

Whatever your means of expression, our gratitude we cannot measure.
This guest book will be, no doubt, an heirloom we will treasure.

Wedding Poems: For the Reception (3)

Kissing Bells
Poem by Carrie K. Hansen

This tiny wedding bell salutes the joyful Bride and Groom,
The laughter, love, and happiness that fills this merry room.
Ring this bell! The newlyweds are certain not to miss
The tinkling sound which signals them: ?Kiss, lovers, kiss!?

Our Wedding Photo (signature mat)
Poem by Carrie K. Hansen

(Rather than a traditional guest book, we bought a signable photo mat/frame combo. It holds an 8" x 10" photo and the mat has plenty of room for our guests to sign their names. I wrote this poem of "instructions":]

Our Wedding Photo

Our guest book is this photo frame.
We'd love to have you sign your name
And write, perhaps, a line or two
By which we may remember you.

Then, when our wedding day has passed,
Our mem'ries of this day will last,
For when we look at it, we'll see
Kind words from friends and family!

[Please be sure your hands are clean before signing the photo mat. Thank you!]

Wishing Well
Poem by Aminda Plenge

This wishing well is here today for family and friends.
Take and envelope, make a wish and please
drop it in.
As it falls into the well your wish, for the couple, will come true.
A token for the couple, to help them begin,
will be welcomed, too.
Please take the time to make a wish before the
day is trough.

Piggy Bank Wish for Each Table
Poem by Diane

Little piggy on the table
Will grant your wish if he is able
Drop some coins in his tummy
He finds the newlywed funds very yummy

Hershey Kiss Roses
Poem by Jennifer

I put two hershey kisses bottom end together and wrapped purple celophane type wrapping around them to make them look like rose buds. Then I placed them on a green floral stick and wrapped green tape around it to cover the wire and excess paper. Then I wrote a little message which read:

We wanted to thank you for sharing our day,
we wanted to thank you in a special way.
We've taken the time to make these for you,
and most of you know exactly what to do.
So open the rose and eat the kisses,
you'll go on your way and with our best wishes.

Then I rolled them up and made them look like little scrolls and wrapped each one with a gold piece of thread to hold it together and wrapped it around the rose.

Poem by Durlabh Singh London.

When I kissed you
In an arid waste of that cheek
The tangle of your hair did dissect
Indulged in making a tale brief
Of some sombre trivial demise
Of hope forlorn or of rainy nights
And the communication between two hearts
Flowered perhaps in meadows of grass
Sweet whispers stopped not
A song of soul on warm lips
Neither charm away nor stop now
The wonder of love in mind?s crypts.

Wedding Poems: For the Reception (2)

CD Favor
Poem by Jennifer Lindsay

A gift for you on this night of romance
To listen to as you relax or dance
So to hear a song
Take one along
And after you pick
Enjoy the CD of love music

Don't clink to kiss
Poem by Anonymous

If you?d like us to kiss
We?d be happy to abide
But clinking isn?t enough
For this groom and bride

So gather up your table
Prepare yourselves to sing
You must use the word ?love?
Or we won?t do our thing.

We can?t wait to hear your voices
As you honor us today
We?re so grateful for your company
On our wedding day!

The Wedding Portrait
Poem by Julie Ann Dawson

Now here is the truest masterpiece!
A portrait of love without match
and of joy that will never cease.

Cherub souls expressing such
emotions artists can never catch,
but pray to depict half as much

A camera placed upon each table
Poem by Cheryl Rusciolelli Pennsylvania

A camera placed upon each table,
So every guest will be able,
To take pictures so we can see,
All our friends and family.
Now pick it up and snap away,
To celebrate this special day.
And when you?re through, all photos shot.
Just leave it here, and THANKS A LOT!

Snowflake favor poem
Poem by Jennifer Leeper (Terrell)

I'm getting married & my reception theme is "Winter Wonderland" since the colors of my wedding are Hunter Green & White. For favors I bought white snowflake Christmas ornaments at Hobby Lobby & hot glued a bow-tied hunter green ribbon that had mine & my fianc? name & the wedding date on each snowflake. I looked on here for snowflake favor poems, but didn't see any, so decided to make up one.


(in this area I had a snowflake symbol I inserted)

A snowflake you see
For your Christmas tree.
Take one today
To remember this special day
That you helped share
With two people that care.

(in this area I had 2 snowflake symbols inserted)

Thank you for coming,
Jennifer and Billy

Wedding Poems: For the Reception (1)

Marriage's Nuturing Seeds
Poem by Denise Childress

We toast upon your long lives together
Your hearts joined as one combined forever
May your lives be blessedly joyous and carefree
Your spirits always connected and souls blended for all to see...

From this day forward may your happiness but grow
May you gloriously reap all the nuturing seeds that you shall sow
And for all your days to come bask in its loving warm glow...
Congratulations to the beautiful newly married bride and groom!

Guestbook poem
Poem by Debra Douglas Jupiter Florida

On this table you will find
our wedding guest book for you to sign.
Please take a moment on a page so bare
a sentiment or two to share.
Please use a page for each of you
so that we may know your feelings true.
This little book will serve as we
keep it forever in loving memory.

Our Wedding Message to You
Poem by Karen

We have dreamed of this moment for so long
And it is finally here today
We appreciate you sharing it with us
Especially to those who came a long way

We hope you enjoy your dinner
The dancing and all the fun
And don?t forget to keep in touch
When all this is said and done

On the table you will find some treats
Cameras, rose petals, and bubbles
And we have some favors to ask of you
If it is not too much trouble

If you are wondering what the bubbles are for
Don?t worry you will have your chance
To blow them together all at once
As we share our first dance

Please pass the cameras all around
Be creative and fun
Just be sure to leave them on the tables
When you are all done

You can shower us with rose petals
As we leave to start our new life
For tomorrow we will be embarking on a new journey
As husband and wife!

When I looked at you
Poem by Carrie West Virgina

No song can explain how I feel
No poem could make sence
In what I feel about you
The day I fell in love with you
That sunday morning in December
was the best day of my life
My eyes opened eyed
My life started to pull together
Things started to make sence
My life is where I finally want it
God has told me it is finally my turn
But just a little more time
A dream revealed to me
What I already knew
All this I saw
When I looked at you
That sunday morning at church
Back in December of 2002
You hand stretched out for mine
My eyes met yours
Placed my hand in yours
My heart began to tremble
People could see it
What I at first denied
But god opened my eyes
That Sunday morning in Dec

Wedding Poems: Wishing Wells, Gifts and Memorial (4)

Voucher gift request
Poem by Melanie Holden given to me by a friend, unknown origin

On this our special wedding day
We would just like to say
We have a house with contents too
So presents would not really do.
But if a gift you'd like to bring
A *debenhams* voucher would be the thing.
We hope this will not cause offence
But in our case it makes more sense.

The Big Kahuna
Poem by Jennifer Rose Vitt Six Flags Wet Wedding

The Big Kahuna
six stories high,
Await us in the
big blue sky.
We are not about
the big boo hoo,
And this seems like
the thing to do.
So what do you say
we take the plunge,
And lets go have
some wild fun.

In Memory of
Poem by Reena Kruse

In lieu of favors,
The new Mr. & Mrs.
Are giving a gift unique

Not a candle,
Or a picture frame,
Or a cup from which to drink.

To remember the ones,
Who remain in our hearts
But couldn't be here today.

A donation was made,
To honour their memory,
In our very special way.

In Loving Memory
Poem by Jeanette Hawkinson Holmen, WI

Although we can't see you
We know you are here
Smiling down, watching over us
As we say "I DO"
Forever in our hearts
Forever in our lives
And so we say our vows
In loving memory of you.

Guardian Angel
Poem by Linda Stanley

I hope you like your Guardian Angel.
I know she'll treat you well.
Trust her, love her, open your heart.
You know she'll never tell.
She's here to guide and protect you.
And whenever the climb gets steep,
She'll never let you fall too far;
Her love for you is deep.
With wings of crystal she'll pick you up;
With eyes of light she guides.
Even when you're all alone,
Your Guardian Angel abides.
Her presence gives you warmth;
Her touch will bring you rest.
But, her smile, most of all,
Says, "You've done your best."

Wishing well
Poem by Victoria Foley Essex, United Kingdom

Now we are to be Mr & Mrs
We don't need a wedding list of dishes
we have two kettles, two toasters, two microwaves
We require a house for which we have to save.
If you would like to give us a gift
A cheque or vouchers would give us a lift
We like to think of it as our 'Wishing Well'
Which will be filled with your love, we can tell.

Our Treasure Chest
Poem by Tanya Meyn Newcastle

"An Alternate Gift Idea"

To save you looking, shopping and buying,
Heres and idea we hope you like trying.

As we have all the little things we require,
Some money for bigger things is what we desire.

So pop a cheque in a card,
It really isn't all that hard.

Place your envelope in our "Treasure Chest'
And we will shop for what is best.

Now that we've saved you all that fuss,
We hope you will come and celebrate with us.

What to give
Poem by Cassandra Frid Gladstone Australia

White goods we have
Linen we always use
So.. What to give
to whom that has all
To make it an ease
a wishing well
is what we please
to help us on our special day
but the choice is yours
Be as it may

Best Friends
Poem by Bonnie Carnahan

Through all of our ups and downs,you always seem to be around.

I cherish every moment spent with you, whether it be serious talks or just joking around.

I can't think of a better person to share my secret thoughts with then you.

It's nice to know that even though your so far away, that you always seem to care how I am feeling.

You know when I am feeling happy or sad and always have something to say to put a smile upon my face.

Friendship is built upon faith and trust.

I trust your judgment and know you will never lead me astray.

I don't open up with just anyone, but with you I feel a comfort zone.

Don't ever stop being who you are, because that is why I feel so close to you.

You are like a sister to me and I know we will be friends for a very long time to come.

I hope someday that we do get a chance to meet face to face, because you are someone I enjoy being around with.

Don't let anyone tell you that you are not worthy and never settle for anything less, because you are a special person that I hold dear to my heart.

I cannot think of a better way to start a day, then to receive a cheery hello from my best friend.

Money Tree Poem
Poem by Jill Sibley Kansas

I?m just a little money tree
With lots of branches, bare as can be!
But you can make my branches bloom
With good things for the bride and groom!

Please take your gift and give me leaves
To make my branches full and green!
For the newlyweds I?ll be a blessing
I'll give them all their nest is missing!

To my best friend
PoemDiana Johnson

I kept my promise, to, love, honor, and share. I kept my promise that to you I would always there Until death do we part, that is what they say, Oh my love why did you leave me that day? I wasn't ready for you to say goodbye, as I look into the heavens with tears in my eyes, I wasn't ready for you to die. My best friend why did you leave and not say goodbye? With so many questions and no answers as to why. I would have gone with you, However God knows best and took you home to give you rest. I was not ready, no not just yet, With only one regreat that I didn't tell you one last time I love you, and forever you will be mine. My best friend this you must know, and never forget. I will see you again when God calls my name and say's it is time to home and be with your best friend once again. (this poem was written in loving memory for my friends late husband).

Wedding Poems: Wishing Wells, Gifts and Memorial (3)

I still love you with a broken heart
Poem by kathern brown

Sitting in my lonely room,
with you not at my side,
I have time to gather my thoughts,
ones that are deep inside.

My thoughts begin when I first met you,
I knew it was love at first sight,
And I finally knew why I was on earth,
And why God had given me life.

We spent all our time we had togeather,
Which was all day and night.
We never disagreed on anything,
And we never had our fights.

And then God blessed us with a baby girl,
One that we would love,
It seemed as if god knew what he was doing,
When he made us share our love.

But then one day you broke my heart,
And tried to tell you how It made me feel,
But you ignored every word I spoke,
and you broke my heart still.

And for some reason, I dont know why,
I wanted you to hurt too,
And so I made myself lie,
To someone that you knew.

I knew eventually youd find out,
And I really didn't care
All the hurt and the pain I felt inside,
I badly wanted to share.

But now I regret the things I said,
To the person that you knew.
I regret all the lies I have told,
to the one person that I love..you!

But since we have no secrets now,
I want to tell you how I feel,
I wonder if you do the things
That made me feel bad still.

I cry all the time when you're not around,
And I try to hide it when you are
But behind all the smiles I give,
My heart is still weighed down.

I want you to tell me now
you still love me like when we first met
and that youll never break my heart again
Because I made this promise to God for you
before the sun began to set.

Even though we hurt eachother,
and we knew it from the start,
Im sorry for all the pain Ive caused you,I hope you are too,
and I'll still love you with a broken heart.

I remember
Poem by Susie

(This isn't a love poem but they used to be in love so please put this on your site. Thank You)

Mama why are you crying
So far from daddy
Why is daddy always mad
And seems glad to get away
What drove a wedge between you two
Was it me and my sister
Or something you both knew was coming soon
I remember when
Daddy would chase you around the house
And you'd scream and giggle
Just like a silly little school girl
I remember when
Daddy would catch you
And he would laugh and give you
A kiss and a bear hug too
I remember when
You'd burn supper and daddy would
laugh and hold you while you cried
all the time swearing
everything would be alright
I remember when
You were both happy
Stealing kisses when you
Thought we wasn't looking
I remember when
We all went to the beach
And played chicken in the ocean
You would always lose
And dunk daddy under water
And you both would laugh like fools
I remember the good times
When you both would laugh over nothing
I also remember the bad times
That comes more often now
Then the good times
I know you both love each other
And both wish it back to the old days
So then tell me
Mama tell me why your crying
So far from daddy?

Wedding Gift Request
Poem by Ms G Heslop

We are sending out this invitation,
And hope you will join our celebaration.
If to send a gift is your intention,
In modesty we would like to mention,
We have already got a kettle and a toaster,
Crockery, dinner mats and coasters,
So rather than something we have already got,
Please give us money for our saving pot.
But, most importantly, we request,
That you turn up as our wedding guest!

Wedding Poems: Wishing Wells, Gifts and Memorial (2)

Alone Again
Poem by Bonnie Carnahan

Some days the road once traveled is a saddened trail,
Some days it's roses and it feels so good just to be alive.

Some days we feel like no one is out there who cares,
And your the only one left to pick up the broken pieces
life has left you to deal with.

Love can be such a wondrous thing and it can also
hurt like a thorn; pricking every feeling and emotion
left inside you.

Sometimes love just stinks and other times
it makes one feel warm and tingly inside.

When the love is gone...
The hurt begins for one or both...
Someone always gets hurt in the end.

Two hearts beating as one...
Two hearts now broken apart.

As the story goes,
I found myself falling in love...
And now I find myself falling apart.

Love can be grand...
It can also tear you apart until you
feel like you can't go on.

You left when I needed you the most...
But I am strong and I will mend and
fall in love all over again.

Dedicated to Sandy, my friend.

Moments In Time
Poem by Bonnie Carnahan

A drop of rain falls upon
a rose bud and blooms into
a wondrous site.

The sky forms clouds of rain...
And a beautiful rainbow fills up the whole sky.

A child is born...
And the angels joyously
sing about.

A woman and man meet
for the very first time...
They both fall in love instantly.

An elderly woman breathes her last breath
here on earth...
An angel gets her wings and
soars down upon earth...
Spreading all the loving memories for her family
left behind.

A war breaks out...
Many men die and see the guiding light...
God guides their poor lost souls
to the path of what is right.

The earth continues on it's
daily chore...
Growing richer and fuller
with each moonlight night.

Special moments in time remembered...
Cherished times stored and
never forgotten.

Poem by Bonnie Carnahan

Children are so sweet and dear,
Like sponges, soaking in
everything they see and hear.

With eyes glistening when
spoken to them...
While enjoying every moment
shared with them.

So young and innocent...
A rarity that will never
be retrieved again.

To be young again...
Alive with many thoughts...
Dreams never ending...
Fearless of the unknown.

If I could turn back the
hands of time...
I would have done things

Conquered the world...
Or became the president...
Maybe I would have just made
a slight difference...
But my greatest joy would
be to put a smile on a friends

Let the children enjoy their time...
For it won't last but a short while...
Laughing, playing and just having
a lot of fun.

Young, innocent, naive....
Learning, growing, so much to achieve.

If you could see through a child's
eyes, what would you see?

Wedding Poems: Wishing Wells, Gifts and Memorial (1)

If I Died Tomorrow...
Poem by Sangita Bisoi India

If I died tomorrow
Would you be sad?
Something in your eyes tells me
You would be glad!

If I died tomorrow
Would you be upset?
Something in your action tells me
You wouldn't even remember the day we met!

If I died tomorrow
Would you cry?
Something in your eyes tells me
They would be dry!

If I died tomorrow
Would you even care?
Something in your heart tells me
It's something you could bear!

If I died tomorrow
Would you be filled with sorrow?
Something in your voice tells me
You would be looking forward to tomorrow!

If I died tomorrow
Would you sit at home & wonder?
If I really did loved you
And why I even bothered?

If I died tomorrow
Would your heart be broken in two?
Or would you try to figure out
Who the next one is to say...
I Love You!

If We Must Die
Poem by Lynn Stanley

If we must die
Let us laugh before we go
Sorrow will only prolong it
Only joy I'd like to know
If death will come swiftly
And carry us off
Close our eyes to the night
Please whisper gentle and soft
The morning star will lead us on
The moon will light our way
Soon the sun will take their place
And starts another day
If we must die
Let us die as does a breath
Quickly and fleeting
Yet, never fearing death

Poem by Amos Loveth

Light shines down
from heaven above
An angel is born
on earth with love
Guided by fate
and handled with care
This gift received
for all to share
Bright feathered wings
this angel will soar
Through this life
spreading joy and more!

True Love Never Last
Poem by Bonnie Carnahan

I am not willing to be anything but your lover.
My intention is not, till death us do part.

I am only a fill for a void.
I am not a permanent fixture.

I offer compassion and understanding.
A vacation from the every day drama of life.
A warm body to temporarily enjoy.

A drifter, a roamer, and sometimes a heart breaker.

Do not depend on me.
For I will only leave and break your heart.

Do not want me for anything more than a lover.
I will not make any promises that will never be kept.

I will not participate in any dreams.
For dreams are for someone romanticly in love.

There are two separate beginnings and two separate ends.
I can be no more than your lover, but I can still be your friend.

A distraction, an interlude is all I can be.
I am not forever.
But I am here and I am now.

Wedding Poems: Invitations (2)

Shower Favor Poem
Poem by Heather B.

I Thank each and every one of you
for being here on this my shower day,
your presence means a lot to me,
for a Bride is what I've come to be.

My wedding is 1 week away,
I DO, I DO is what I'll say!!!!
Heathers' Bridal Shower

I used this as a poem for my shower favors.

Jingle Bells (Christmas Shower Theme)
Poem by Carolyn

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.
Carolyn and G need your help on Christmas Day.
Please bring a decoration to help them trim their tree,
So that their Christmas will be as Merry as can be.

Lingerie Shower/includes game
Poem by Candy Williams

______ and ________ have set the date
Let's have a shower to celebrate.

In honor of the "bride to be"
We're hosting a lingerie party.

You'll not want to miss the fun that is planned
But I'll need your help to give me a hand.

It's only one small, simple request
For a game we'll be playing called "Guess".

This requires you to bring your favorite sleepwear,
So place it in a bag and don't fret or snare!

For _________ will be asked to place
the nightwear with the face.

So mark your calendar, ____________ is the date,
We know you'll enjoy the snacks and the cake!

_________ is the time set aside
at _________________ drive.

Invitation to be a bridesmaid
Poem by Katie Rogers

I sit and think about my wedding day
Friends and family join to play
Hundreds of things to check off my list
Even the small details won?t be missed.

I'll always remember the times we've shared.
You've laughed with me, you've cried with me, and always shown you care.
So at this very special time, the day I am a bride,
I want you to be a bridesmaid who stands by my side.

Soon I will marry the man of my dreams
My face shines bright and happily beams
But in order to make this day complete
Please join us for as we celebrate on June 14th.

Lingerie Shower Invitation Poem
Poem by Jennifer Napier Richmond, VA

(Bride's Name) has hooked a man and not a thing to wear
We don't want her on her honeymoon night giving (Groom's name) quite a scare
So come in your favorite jammies and bring a pair for (Bride's name) too
Flannel, cotton, knit or silk or maybe something you can see through

Breakfast is on the menu
Waffles, fruit and juice

And a little champagne to celebrate that we're cutting (Bride's name) loose!

Alphabet Shower (adapted from others)
PoemDenise Moore

Cupid?s work is nearly done
Soon Amber and John will be ?one.?
But as we wait for that special hour,
Let?s honor the Bride with an Alphabet Shower!

It?s really fun and easy, so don?t you fret,
Just give a gift that starts with the letter you get.
Then attach the letter for all to see
So the gifts can be opened alphabetically!

The information follows for this very special date.
We hope that you can come and help us celebrate!

(Please join us for an Alphabet Shower honoring. . . who, date, time, place, hosted by, etc.)

Wedding Poems: Invitations (1)

For Our Wedding Day...
Poem by Cherilyn Welch

For our wedding day... we hope that you'll be there
Our closest friends and family, all those for whom we care
Rings of gold shall be exchanged with love
Our lives together shall be blessed from above
Uttering promises to be honest and true,
Reciting our vows, and saying 'I Do'
We'll begin our new life, as we share in this day
Enjoy dinner together from a delicious buffet
Dance, sing, and have lots of fun
Declaring this day a special one
Inside this invitation, you'll find more detail
Notecard responses to send, call or email
Getting there is easy (refer to the map inside)
Dear friends, we'd be honored if you'd set this date aside
And if you cannot make it, or if you cannot stay
You'll still be there in our hearts and thoughts... for our wedding day

Racy Retro Lingerie Party
Poem by Laura Taylor Mark Michigan

Racy black bustier with loosely tied strings
Red feather boa, candles,lotions and things
The scene will be set for a hot, sexy night
But a few more things will make it just right!

You're invited to a fun night "in" at _____'s Bachelorette/Lingerie Party!

The Renewal of Spring
Poem by Shana Finks

As Springtime brings the renewal of the life and beauty of nature, join us as we renew the vows of our marriage.

A Gift for the Trip of a Lifetime
Poem by Donna Eaves Tasmania

Get ready for a celebration,
We?re happy to send this invitation.
If to send a gift is your intention,
In modesty we wish to mention,
We have a home filled to the brim,
Towels for her and towels for him.

After we become Mr. and Mrs.
We?ll be enjoying one of our lifetime wishes.
A trip to Egypt is our dream,
The chance of a lifetime it would seem.
Please think of us so far away,
Sharing our dream holiday.

For you to help us make this trip
Is a perfect symbol of your friendship
A memory we?ll keep through many a year,
A thank you from us will be sincere.
But, most importantly, we request,
That you will be our wedding guest!

The Path
Poem by Margaret Strong Washington State

" The path that leads to Happiness
is so narrow that two cannot
walk on it ... unless they become one"

Ms. Jo Ann Strong
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of her daughter
Margaret Alice Strong
Jason Dean Stauffer
on Saturday, the sixth of August,
two-thousand and five
at three o' clock in the afternoon
Satus Longhouse
Satus, Washington

For Garden Theme Wedding Shower...
Poem by Melissa Machan Ontario

I used the following poem inside the invitations for my sister's garden-themed wedding shower. At the end, you can list some suggestions, or where the couple is registered.

?Garden of Delight?

Try and try with all your might
Think of a gift for the Garden of Delight.
They?ve purchased a home; the yard needs a lift
Please keep this in mind when selecting your gift.
Below are some ideas, just for a start
Be creative, have fun?choose a gift from your heart.

The Handyman
Poem by Justine

(Bride's Name) wishing wellhas been fulfilled
Help make Groom's Name) handyman talents easier
by filling a toolbox for him.

Please bring _______________

Wedding Poems: For Bridal Party Members (2)

Bachelorette Party Toast
Poem by Monica Trujillo

A toast to the Bride . . .
A toast to the bride to be,
Because she is about to wed you see,
She will help us understand,
What it's like to find the perfect man,
For she will submit to marry thee,
On (date),
Our task has become very clear,
As the wedding day nears,
No matter what we put her through,
No matter what we say and do,
She must not have any doubt,
She must be ready to carry out,
Her vows without any fear,
Tonight our bride remains on her best behavior,
If she is tempted by a stripper or two,
If she has a shot or a few,
Even if we tempt her fate,
She knows her destiny awaits,
To meet her beautiful beau,
because in the end she will say I do.
Congratulations (bride's name,)
We love you!

Please Join Me
Poem by Carrie

you welcomed me with open arms
when i was strange and new.
you treat me like a sister would
and now it's coming true.

when summer comes, 2006,
i'll be a blushing bride
and i would be quite honored
if you'd be there by my side.

Shower Favor Thank You
Poem by Laila

Just a little gift to say we appreciate you!
Thank you for coming
and for the gifts too!
Hipe tosee you (Date of wedding)
When (groom) & Bride)
say "I Do"
There will be an even
bigger party, as we shove
them off for the

Handyman 3
Poem by Leigh

Wishing Well
The bride?s had all of the attention so far,
For just a few minutes, let?s make "Groom" the star!
We?ve purchased a toolbox to fill with small treasures,
A hammer, a wrench, or a tape measure.
If you would like help fill it, please bring something along,
We know it will come in handy all their life long!

Wanted Bride's Maid
Poem by Malia Simer

The below poem is a suggestion to invite your friends to be your bride's maid. it tells them how much they mean to you and also what their duty as a bride's maid entails:

Bride's Maid Wanted!
By the Order of Malia Simer

A friend who's good and true.
Who will wear a dress to show her colors
through and through.
Who will listen to gold and white or
flaming red and orangey bright.
A friend who will dance with heart
knowing every part.
A friend who will shower me with tokens of love and liberty as my days of singlehood fly by me.

You've been there when I did not have a dime,
and did not mind when i would cry.
You've loved me through the storm and
picked me up when was torn.
Now please be my side as i would be honored
to have you as my bride's maid on an autumn day when to me my love is sworn.

Would You Be...Matron of Honor?
Poem by Sarah

You welcomed me with open arms
when I was strange and new.
A smile so warm and so sincere,
caring, trusting and true.

A friendship would blossom
with each passing day.
Growing stronger and brighter
in many a way.

Engaged am I now
to be married at last.
And for you, Kris, I have
a special question to ask.

When spring 2006 is here
and I will be a blushing bride.
Would you do me the great honor
as matron on my side?

My Cousin, My Sister
Poemy Andrea Torrence

You are my cousin; this is true.
But I want you to know you're my "sister" too.
There for me when I needed you most
Opened your home to me, a gracious host.

We've shared some good times and sad ones too,
But your friendship always saw me through.
You've made me laugh when I wanted to cry
And held my hand when I could only sigh.

On this precious day as I become Mon's wife,
I plan to be with him for the rest of my life,
But don't you dare worry, cry, or fret
He has not taken your place; that you can bet.

He will be my husband, but you are my girl,
And that you will be until I leave this world.
So always know that I truly love you
And thank God for giving me a "sister" that's true

Wedding Poems: For Bridal Party Members (1)

Stand By Me
Poem by Heather B

You welcomed me with open arms
When I was strange and new.
You treat me as a sister would,
And now it's coming true!

Now here we are, some time away
from (date here), our wedding day.
I?ve bought the dress,
and started all our plans.
My maid-of-honor's been chosen
As well as his best man.

But still there are those special ones
who have been there all the way..
the bridesmaids and the ushers
who are in our hearts to stay.

So just to make it all official
we ask you in this way
to be at my side as my bridesmaid
and share in our special day.

Thank You!
Poem by Angela Madere

Let me just say to all, Thank You!

It's very hard to describe
And not enough words to express.
But give us just a minute
and we'll try to do our best.

Thank You is just two words
But it can mean a thousand things.
But as ____ and I move forward
We are learning all its great meanings.

We learned what it meant
and still learning along the way.
But looking at all your faces,
We find the words of Thanks to say.

Thanks to all our friends,
who helped to keep us sane.
Thanks to all our family,
for helping us once again.

Thank you for your voices,
for letting us hear your songs.
Thank you for you support,
and helping us to be strong.

Thank you for your wisdom,
it has helped in many ways.
Thank you for your love,
it has helped us to see this day.

So you see,
Thanks is not just a word that?s said.
Thanks is a love and a feeling.
That enters our heart and sticks in our head.

Thanks for helping us find the words to say,
And thanks for helping us to live this ever lasting day.

Will you be my bridesmaid?
Poem by Patty Marcus Chicago

(Name), you have helped me through some trying times,
Spared some change when I did not have a dime,
Held my hair back after prom and swore you would never tell my mom,
We have fought over boys (only God knows why),
We have laughed together and we have even cried.
So, please if you?ll do just one more little task,
I promise that this is all I will ever ask:
Will you wear a dress of (color), while I will wear my dress of white - -
Say you will be my bridesmaid on my special wedding night?