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Wedding Videography Quick Tips

Videography Quick Tips

  • It is very important that you hire a professional instead of just recruiting some relative to take the video. Think of it this way: many people know how to work 35 mm cameras, but you hire a professional to take the wedding photos because he or she is trained to account for such variables as lighting and weather, and knows how to get the best shots.
  • Professionals offer the choice between one camera or two, to provide the coverage that you like best.
  • Professional videographers offer other advantages, such as a smooth editing process, special effects, and spliced-in music and childhood photos. All of these perks combine to form a video that is of a very high quality.
  • Pay attention to every detail in a videographer's demo tapes. Is the camera held steady? Is the edit smooth from one sequence to the next? How well does the emotion of the day come across? Do you feel like you were actually there? Is the sound quality good -- how clear can you hear the vows?
  • Meet with the person who will be taking your video to discuss your ideas. You may want to include personal, private interviews from the bride and groom to each other, and this is an option you should discuss with your videographer. Also talk about exactly what you want taped, where, and when.
  • Ask about the package deals that they offer. If one does not appeal to your needs, see if you can create your own. Check out the price you get for the type of coverage. Standard coverage includes the ceremony and reception, but be sure to ask questions anyway.
  • Also be sure to ask about the availability of back-up equipment, including lighting, in case something should break.
  • Try to arrange for the videographer to attend your rehearsal. This will give him or her a better chance to work with the layout of the church, and find out what restrictions are placed on where the cameras are allowed to be. If he can also film sections of the rehearsal, it will give you some "bloopers" to add to your finished product.
  • When you choose your videographer, be sure to get every detail in writing. Specify how long he or she will work, what the prices are, if food should be provided at the reception for him or her, and what the hourly overtime charge is. This contract is for your protection as well as the videographer's, since there are so many details to finalize that it would be easy to forget one or two.
  • You may want to ask about getting additional copies of the video for family and friends, since professional copies are of a much higher quality than their homemade counterparts. Find out if the video company keeps copies of each video on file in case yours gets ruined or you need another copy.
  • To keep your video in working order, store it at regular room temperature. Every three to four months, play the video to keep all the movable parts working (if you don't have time to watch the video, just fast forward and rewind through the tape).

Wedding Tuxedo Quick Tips

Tuxedo Quick Tips

  • The most popular choice among 1990's grooms is still the classic black tux, due to its elegant overtones. However, there is a lot of variety within today's black tuxedos that make them anything but ordinary. Your groom has to choose between dinner jackets and tails, notched lapels and shawl collars, different pocket styles, jackets with or without vents, and many other details.
  • While most men are still wearing the traditional white wing collar shirts, pants are popular in pegged, pleated, and plain front styles.
  • Many fathers and older groomsmen dislike the pegged styles preferred by many of their younger counterparts. To combat this problem, grooms are encouraged to forego the assumption that all groomsmen's pants should match, and instead allow their attendants to choose whichever style they are more comfortable with.
  • A complete tuxedo ensemble should include a jacket, shirt, studs and cufflinks, bow tie or ascot, pants, a vest or cummerbund, and formal dress shoes.
  • Only the ringbearer is allowed to wear the same tuxedo ensemble as the groom.
  • The fathers can be distinguished from the other attendants by matching their ties and vests or cummerbunds to their tuxedos instead of the bridesmaids' dresses.
  • Register with a tuxedo shop as soon as possible, and reserve tuxedo numbers and styles at least three months before the wedding.
  • Don't neglect to check in to make sure that your order was placed, especially if you plan to marry in the spring/summer season. Not only is this the time for the most weddings to take place, but it is also high school prom season, and therefore an especially busy time for tuxedo shops.
  • About two to three weeks before your wedding, bring in the entire male party for measurements. If an attendant is out of town, make sure a measurement card is filled out correctly so that the shop can order a fitting tuxedo.
  • Have the tuxedos ready for pickup no less than two days before the wedding. Insist that all attendants try on their tuxes before they leave the shop to avoid last minute surprises.

Wedding Transportation Quick Tips

Transportation Quick Tips

  • Limousine services and horse-drawn carriages are two of the most popular and elegant ways for couples to make their "getaway."
  • You should begin planning your wedding transportation within a year of your wedding.
  • When you go visit the various companies, check out the exact car or cars that you would be renting. Make sure that they are nice on the inside as well as the outside, and that whatever services you would contract to receive are in working order.
  • Find out what resources the company is prepared to call upon in an emergency. Are there extra cars available in case yours breaks down?
  • Copy down the license plate and/or serial number of the car you like to make sure that you receive that exact one.
  • Also verify that the company has the proper licenses and sufficient insurance.
  • A typical rental lasts five hours, and gives you ample time to get picked up, taken to the church, married, and then driven to the reception site.
  • Make the most of your rental, and have the limousine pick up other friends and family after you and the wedding party arrive at the church.
  • Typically, the maid-of-honor and the best man ride in the first car with the couple, and the rest of the wedding party follows in a second car.
  • Many couples find the Victorian charm of a horse-drawn carriage appealing. The broad range of carriage colors, sizes, and styles that they have to choose from make it possible for the couple to choose the right carriage for them.
  • When meeting with livery services, make appointments to view the carriages and horses. Make sure that both are clean and in good shape. Look for a livery owner who is flexible to your ideas, and knows how to make your ride romantic and special.
  • Many carriages come with convertible tops and pull-up windows to keep you warm and dry on your way to the reception.
  • You will need to decide if the carriage will carry just you two, or if you will include the best man and maid-of-honor. Most carriages can fit four grown adults quite comfortably.

Wedding Ring Quick Tips

Wedding Ring Quick Tips

  • Many independent women are seeking alternative stones and metals other than gold and silver in their engagement rings and wedding bands that reflect individual tastes as opposed to time-honored traditions.
  • Most popular among women are rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, but even more unusual stones are gaining popularity.
  • Men tend to prefer blue sapphires or black onyx, in making a more neutral statement.
  • Known as "the Four C's," the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight indicate the quality of the stone.
  • Cut refers to the shaping and faceting of the stone. A good cut adds priceless beauty to your ring without added expense. A well-cut faceted stone will reflect light back evenly across its surface area when held face up. If areas appear dark, the stone is probably too deep and narrow. If the stone appears washed out and lifeless, it is probably too shallow and wide.
  • Cut is the most important factor in determining a stone's quality. A well-cut stone reflects light from the top of the stone, while a spread-cut stone reflects light from the back, and makes the grease and oil that collect behind any stone much more visible.
  • Many jewelers may try to sell you by the size of the stone instead of the cut.
  • Ask if there is an ideal-cut stone for you to measure your prospective purchase against. If they don't know what you are talking about, they aren't aware of the proper information they need to ensure you that theirs is a quality stone.
  • The best diamonds are colorless and disperse white light into a rainbow of colors. Still, these diamonds are very rare and expensive, so you would be better off opting for a diamond with a slight tint that is invisible to the naked eye.
  • Clarity is determined by the presence or absence of inclusions, or tiny flaws. Most stones have inclusions, so you would do best to choose one with the least visible flaws.
  • Always examine diamonds free of any mounting, because often-times inclusions are hidden in this way.
  • Carat weight refers simply to the size of the stone. Carats are subdivided into 100 "points"--a fifty point diamond weighs one half of a carat. Choose a carat weight appropriate to your budget as well as your lifestyle.
  • For engagement rings as well as wedding bands, platinum is making a big statement. Fused with gold or by itself, this metal offers an interesting new look without an outrageous price.

Bridal Registries: Trends and Tips

Bridal Registries: Trends and Tips

  • Bridal registries have been including more untraditional items as well as the conventional crystal, china, and silver. Sporting goods, electronic equipment, artwork, furniture, cellular phones, answering machines, TVs, and computers are all popular choices.
  • Another new trend has been for couples to register with travel agencies or mortgage lenders. A cash donation may be made to help finance the couple's honeymoon or down payment on a house.
  • Visit many stores with your fiancée to find one which carries a variety of items that you both like. When you find the one you want to register at, go there on off-hours to avoid confusion and maximize personal attention from the bridal registry coordinator.
  • Register as soon as you can after your engagement, so that your registry can be used for engagement, shower, and wedding gifts. Your place of registration may be announced on shower invitations, and otherwise spread by word of mouth from family and friends. It should never be included as part of the wedding invitations.
  • When registering, ask as many questions as you can. Find out the store's policies on returns, deliveries, and special-orders. Will they mail a duplicate of your registration forms to you for verification?
  • Update your registry frequently to avoid receiving duplicate gifts. Many registries are now computerized, and offer the advantage of instant updating upon purchase.
  • Also keep up to date with thank you cards. Open each gift promptly upon receipt, and jot down the item, who sent it, and your initial thoughts upon opening it. Notes with a personal touch are always preferred, and failure to send a thank you card is a major etiquette faux pas.
  • As a general rule, keep the gifts in the $25-$75 range. However, don't neglect the lower or higher priced items.

Photography Quick Tips

Photography Quick Tips

  • It is essential to book your photographer at least nine months to a year in advance. Since the best studios are booked up to two years ahead, you should begin looking for a photographer as soon as you set your date.
  • Go to several studios and look through sample books, and keep your eyes open for quality.
  • The pictures should be clear, well lighted, and printed on professional grade paper to prevent the colors from fading over time.
  • Look at complete wedding albums from beginning to end. Don't settle for selected pictures from several weddings, because these will represent the photographer's best work.
  • Obviously, price will be important, but don't let it stand in the way of quality.
  • When you plan the schedule for your wedding, don't forget about your photography. Allow plenty of time for a variety of shots, especially if you will be going to a different location.
  • Take the time to sit down with the photographer and fill him or her in on the events of the day. A pre-wedding consultation is essential because that's where a photographer can get all the details of the wedding day.
  • Be sure to meet the person who will be responsible for photographing your wedding, and see how sensitive that person is to your needs.
  • Find out how long after the wedding the photographer will keep the negatives, in case you want to order more prints later on.
  • When you find a photographer you're interested in, ask for references and be sure to check them.
  • Once you've made your decision and come to an agreement with the photographer, put everything into a contract.

Wedding Reception Quick Tips

Reception Quick Tips

  • Since many of the most popular sites are booked even two years in advance, many brides reserve their reception hall even before their church.
  • Try to think about any special requests you may have before you begin touring halls. For example, many brides are requesting a non-smoking reception. If this is of interest to you, be sure to make your preferences known to the staff at the hall. Ask if there is a separate place for people who do want to smoke.
  • Most brides like to keep their ceremony and reception sites fairly close, so that their guests don't have to spend a lot of time driving.
  • Calling around for prices tells you nothing about what you're getting. What sounds like the best price over the phone could turn out to be an over-priced hole in the wall.
  • Be sure to find out whether the price includes table linens (there may be an extra charge for colored tablecloths or napkins), glass barware (some facilities use plastic cups to save money), china, table centerpieces, etc.
  • Think about such things as decor, landscaping, whether you prefer glass dishes and barware to paper products, whether you want colored table linens, etc. before you begin to visit sites.
  • Check out the bathrooms for cleanliness. Is the parking lot in good shape, and is it big enough? Were you comfortable with the staff and management of the site? See how your waiters and waitresses will be dressed, and ask if there is a coat room or valet service offered.
  • Visit each possible site once to narrow your choices down to two or three. Then, go back and visit each one again as if it were your first time there. You will amazed at how much better or worse a reception site will appear to you the second time through.
  • Many couples are also interested in having available an attractive place to take pictures in case of inclement weather on their wedding day. Ask if the hall has a formal foyer for indoor photos, as well as landscaped grounds or a nearby park.
  • If your reception will be during the summer, investigate the air conditioning and find out what happens if it breaks down.
  • Be sure to ask about security and whether there is an extra charge for it. Ask if the office is staffed during the reception in case there are any problems. It's important to have someone available to take care of your very request, even if it's as small as a change in the room temperature or finding a guest to take a phone call.
  • Look at what other events are scheduled for that day and how much time is allowed between bookings. If your guests are having a good time, you don't want them pushed out the door because another party has been scheduled right after yours. There should be, at the very least, an hour between bookings.
  • If the room is partitioned, find out what sort of group will be next door. The noise of their party may be an intrusion on your reception.
  • If you plan on bringing in some decorations, find out what limitations there may be, and when you or your supplier can come in to set up. How soon after the reception must the decorations be taken down?
  • Food stations, which can accommodate anything from hors d'oeuvres to a full meal, are being seen at more and more weddings. Each station will be placed in a different part of the room and will carry a particular theme.
  • Family-style dinners are also becoming very popular. When serving family-style, the servers will bring out large platters of food that are then passed around the table. The food is served in courses, so it tends to make the meal more leisurely and relaxed.
  • If you're planning a buffet, the most important question to ask when you're discussing the menu is whether you will be charged per person or by the plate. A "per plate" charge means that you will pay each time a person is served. If you have some heavy eaters in your family, you could end up paying three times for the same person's meal.
  • Find out if the serving portions on a buffet are fixed, or if you can have as much of an item as you want.
  • Look at your guest list and figure out how many drinkers you are inviting, versus how many non-drinkers. If a majority of your guests don't drink, you can shift money away from the bar and into an area your guests will be more focused on, like the food.
  • Some couples choose to save some money by offering only beer and wine instead of the more costly mixed drinks.
  • Be sure to arrange for bar service that lasts as long as the reception itself (the average wedding reception lasts between 5.5 to 6 hours). You can save some money by requesting that the bar stop serving alcohol at a particular time, but you should make provisions for some sort of beverages to be supplied until the reception is over.
  • Find out how many bartenders will be on duty, whether there are any corkage fees, and whether the facility has liquor liability insurance as well as food insurance.
  • If you are charged by the bottle, ask if you will receive credit for partial bottles. When you get to the reception, you should also politely ask the bartender to keep the empty bottles.
  • Believe it or not, there really are people who steal gifts from receptions, and it's pretty easy to do if the gift table is right by the door. After all the guests have arrived, ask the person overseeing the reception to lock the card box in an office until the reception is over.
  • Ask what provisions are available for your musicians. Make sure there is enough room and power for equipment and instruments. Is there any type of a bandstand or stage?
  • Are colored tablecloths or napkins available, and is there an extra charge for them? Also ask whether napkins for the cake are provided.
  • Some reception halls include a wedding cake in their package. Inquire as to whether you have to buy their cake, or if you can bring in your own. If they provide the cake be sure to get a sample, and find out how flexible they are on how the cake is decorated. Do you have one choice or fifty? Also determine whether there is any extra charge for cutting, serving, and boxing up the leftover cake.
  • Take some time to meet with the staff. It is most important to have confidence and faith in the people you will be working with to plan your reception. A couple should feel that the reception site is going to take care of things for them and that they are in good hands.
  • It is important that you ask about such things as deposit requirements, the hall's policy regarding refunds, what happens if the business changes owners or closes.
  • Find out exactly when the balance is due, and if the price includes taxes and gratuities.
  • Make certain that your agreement with the reception site is put into a legal contract. A contract is an absolute necessity to protect yourself and the hall, and guarantee that your reception will go as scheduled.

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Wedding Music Quick Tips

Music Quick Tips

  • Make sure you meet with your DJ or bandleader to go over the order of the evening. Listen to their suggestions. Remember, they have done many weddings and usually know what works the best. Ask about announcing the new Mr. and Mrs. and the bridal party as they walk in, the toast, cutting the cake, the bridal dance, throwing the bouquet and garter, the money dance, a dance with you and your father, and any special announcements that you want made.
  • Along with announcing these special parts of your reception, the bandleader or DJ should have music to go with them. Ask to see a list and pick out your favorites. If they don't have "your song" for the bridal dance, ask if the DJ can find it or if the band can learn it. Give a band ample warning however.
  • If the music for the song you request is readily available, give the band four to six weeks to learn it.
  • Give the DJ or band leader a list of songs you would like played during your reception. Your DJ should customize the music for your reception to what you want. Choose categories of music you like and list some of your favorite artists to give your DJ some direction.
  • Oldies are especially popular for wedding receptions today, because they offer lively rhythms for dancing without being too loud for the older guests to enjoy. Music from the Fifties and early Sixties seems to have universal appeal to wedding guests.
  • Estimate the age range of your guests and ask your musician if he can play something for everyone.
  • Ethnic dances will always be popular as well. Brides and grooms often have different cultural backgrounds, and a blend of ethnic music from both sides can make the reception familiar for both families. If either you or your fiancée has a strong connection to family heritage, find a way to incorporate some of these traditions into the reception.
  • You may want to hire a combination of music services to perform at the reception. For example, it is becoming popular to have a strolling violinist play during dinner. This still provides entertainment to the guests, but allows them to talk as they enjoy their meal. It can also be a lot of fun if the guests get involved.
  • Consider a string quartet or a small chamber music ensemble to provide elegant classical music for your guests to enjoy as they mingle.
  • When selecting entertainment for your reception, listen to tapes or watch videos to get a feel for the band or DJ's style. If possible, go to a public performance to see how well they interact with an audience and how they act as master of ceremonies.
  • Ask for references and be sure to check them, and also check with the Better Business Bureau and the local Consumer Affairs office for any unresolved complaints.
  • Find out how they will dress for your reception (suits or tuxedos are proper) and if they will require dinner.
  • Ask to see the sound system so you can be sure it will not detract from the overall atmosphere.
  • When talking to a band, find out how many breaks they will take. A fifteen minute break every forty-five minutes is usual. Some bands, though, will play pre-recorded tapes during breaks so that there is continuous music. If your band does not provide this service, consider hiring a DJ to cover the band's breaks.
  • Find out as well about backup equipment, and the DJ himself. Will there be someone at the reception to take over if something happens to him?
  • If you'll be dealing with a large service that employs several people, be sure to meet the person who will perform at your reception. Everyone has their own style, and you need to be sure that the DJ will give the kind of performance that you feel is appropriate for your wedding reception.
  • Ask if the company can provide special effects, such as lighting and smoke machines. They will probably cost extra, but some couples like the mood they create.
  • Talk about deposit requirements and payment schedules. Try not to give more than half of the total price before the reception, and never pay in full before the service actually shows up. Also discuss the refund policy, just in case. Find out how much they charge for overtime in case the reception runs longer than you had originally planned.
  • Ask what accommodations they'll need for their equipment. Special necessities such as space requirements and electrical needs are important facts to know so you can make the proper arrangements with your reception hall.
  • Make sure there is enough space for all the band members, especially if a stage or risers are used. Also, the band should be close to the dance floor so they can interact with the audience.
  • When you've made your decision, complete a contract for the band or musicians' services, including the name of the group or DJ, number of musicians, date, and place. It should also contain the starting time, finishing time, total compensation, and any other information pertinent to your reception. A signed contract will guarantee services to be rendered and protect both parties. In addition, you should stipulate the number of breaks and whether dinner will be provided. It is very important to note the name of the group as well as the names of its members, or the name of the DJ you want to perform. This will guarantee that the musicians you hired are the ones who will show up. Get all details in writing to protect both you and the service.

Wedding Invitation Quick Tips

Invitation Quick Tips

  • Always include: the basic who, what, when, and where. Always include the full name and address of the ceremony site, as well as maps, for out of town guests.
  • The reception card should also contain the full name and address of the reception site. Make sure you include self-addressed, stamped envelopes for the guests to return their response cards.
  • You may also want to order an informal card with your married name (Mr. and Mrs. William Clark, or William and Judy Clark) to serve as a thank you card for wedding gifts.
  • The inside envelope should be addressed as: "Mr. and Mrs. Clark," omitting all first names. When your guests' children are invited, include their first names in descending age order under their parents' names. If children's names are omitted, they are not invited.
  • Young adults over the age of eighteen, and the escorts of single guests, should receive their own invitations.
  • The outside envelope should be handwritten, and addressed with the guests' formal names and complete mailing address -- never use abbreviations. You may decide to have your return address printed on the envelope. This is a time- and hand-saver that is generally worth the extra money.
  • If you have a folded invitation, the enclosures should be placed inside the invitation, on top of the tissue, with the reception card on the bottom and the response card (tucked under the flap of its envelope, facing out) on top.
  • Map cards may be placed under the reception card.
  • Place the invitation and all enclosures in the inner envelope facing out. The guest should see the printing when he or she opens the back flap. Place the inner envelope into the outer one with the addressed side of the inner envelope facing the back flap of the outer envelope.
  • Before stamping invitations, take one completely stuffed example to the post office to have it weighed. Buy the appropriate postage in sticker stamps if possible, to avoid licking 200 stamps. Don't forget the postage for the response card envelopes.
  • One suggestion for a wedding keepsake is to have a friend take an invitation to the post office on the day of your wedding. Have the postmaster stamp it with the date and town, and this will be a treasured memento for your parents or yourself.

Wedding Honeymoon Quick Tips

Honeymoon Quick Tips

  • The Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania offer a group of resorts affectionately know as "The Honeymoon Capital of the World," the perfect spot for the couple who wants to be pampered, but also wants a wide variety of things to do.
  • In other areas of the United States, Walt Disney World and Disneyland offer honeymoon packages that are real money-savers, but provide all the pampering and fun of a dream honeymoon.
  • Hawaii is always the ultimate island getaway, with its balmy breezes and warm temperatures. Honolulu is frequented by the couple looking for beautiful scenery with all the attractions of a major city, while Kauai is ever-popular for its rolling hills, lush gardens, and cascading waterfalls.
  • Mexico offers some of the best honeymoon bargains. Areas such as Acapulco, Puerta Vallarta, and Mexico City offer diverse attractions in a different culture.
  • The Caribbean and Bahamas are still two of the most popular honeymooning spots in the world. Their cheapest rates occur during the spring, summer, and fall seasons, so wedding season in the United States can take full advantage of all that this tropical region has to offer.
  • Cancun, in the Mexican Caribbean, is the ideal spot for couples who want to relax and enjoy the hedonistic pleasures that abound, while Grand Cayman, Puerto Rico, Anguilla, and St. Martin offer various perks to suit your individual tastes.
  • Cruises are always popular, especially to such sunny tropical paradises as the Caribbean. They provide a good value, since all your meals and entertainment are included in the overhead price, and you have the opportunity to visit more than one or two islands.
  • All-inclusive resorts such as those in Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Aruba, and the Caribbean also promise great values in the form of package deals.
  • If you have your heart set on a European honeymoon, choose one city or area instead of trekking all over the continent. It's much more relaxing to stay in one place, and you'll have the opportunity to really explore the sights, sounds, and smells of the city. It may also be more economical, since by renting an apartment for one or two weeks, you can save as much as thirty percent over the cost of a hotel room.

Wedding Flower Quick Tips

Flower Quick Tips

  • At least two months before your wedding, call your florist to arrange a consultation.
  • Look for trained professionals who specialize in weddings, and make sure that you speak directly to the person who will be creating your arrangements rather than one who is just taking your order.
  • Find out when the flowers will be delivered, and if there is an extra charge for this service. Also find out how involved the florist will be at the ceremony reception site -- will he or she stay to arrange the flowers and light candles, or just drop off the flowers and leave? Will the florist transfer the arrangements to the reception site after the ceremony?
  • When you go for your initial consultation, bring pictures of flowers and arrangements you like, as well as a picture and swatch of your bridal gown.
  • Many churches do not allow anything to be placed on the altar or pews. Ask the officiant what time your florist is able to get into the church to set up before the ceremony. Don't forget to measure the aisle length so that your florist can supply the correct length of runner.
  • One rule of thumb in this endeavor: whichever varieties of flowers you choose, it is best to consider in-season flowers since these are cheapest and easiest to get in mass amounts.
  • Flowers on the cake, knife, goblets, and hors d'oeuvre trays are elegant details that can really make a difference. Centerpieces on the guest tables are decorative musts that can double as party favors when the night is through.
  • A corsage or boutonniere is a nice token of appreciation for the organist, soloist, guest book attendant, scripture reader, and anyone else participating in your wedding.
  • Mothers and grandmothers always receive corsages, and fathers and grandfathers boutonnieres. The groomsmen's boutonnieres should match the bridesmaids' bouquets, and the groom's boutonniere should consist of flowers used in the bride's bouquet.

Wedding Favors Quick Tips

Favors Quick Tips

  • Check out area chocolate companies. Chocolate candy bars with the bride and grooms names and wedding date on the front with the listing of the bridal party on the back are available.
  • Chocolate long-stem roses with a white ribbon with the bride and groom names on them are also available and becoming increasingly popular.
  • If your looking for something longer lasting, you might want to consider a Christmas ornament, decorated silver spoons, or crystal prism.
  • You can spend anywhere from $1.00 up to $10 for each table favor, depending on the favor. The favors can be placed on the dessert table, at each seating or can be passed out during the receiving line.

Wedding Decoration Quick Tips

Decoration Quick Tips

  • Make sure you ask plenty of questions at the reception site before you select any decorations
  • When you select a reception site, it is essential that you find out what items the site has on hand and what items you will need to provide.
  • Add lively touches with little white lights, greenery, fabric bunting, cascades of ribbons, floral garlands and topiary trees.
  • Don't forget about the bridal, cake and gift tables. Use multi-layered table linens, pinned up with bows, in your wedding colors to make them stand out.
  • Try doing something a little different with ice sculptures.
  • Use your imagination to create table centerpieces. Use mirrors, flowers, balloons, floating candles, anything that enhances your tables and the mood you want to create.
  • Rental companies are a good source of ideas when it comes to decorating your site. Most of them will have items that you'd love to have for your wedding but just can't afford to buy, such as silver candelabras, china, lovely stemware, or color-coordinated linens.
  • Tents are becoming increasingly popular as another alternative to a rented hall or church. With new technology they come with chandeliers, hardwood floors, arches, bathrooms, air conditioning and heating.
  • Balloons can economically decorate a larger area than flowers alone, and their possibilities are endless.

Wedding Consultant Quick Tips

Wedding Consultant Quick Tips

  • A wedding consultant's fee is negotiated according to the amount of involvement you want from them, and can be in the form of either a flat fee, an hourly rate, or a percentage of the total event's cost.
  • When you first meet with your wedding consultant, you will outline a budget within which they must work, including their fee. It is then their job to contract the various other services you will need, and negotiate these services within the budget you have available.
  • Wedding consultants often save the couple money because they have connections and can negotiate a better price.
  • The coordinator is there to serve you, and is receptive to all of your ideas. If you communicate your desires and ideas to your bridal advisor, he or she will do everything possible to fulfill them.
  • When seeking out a bridal advisor, always ask for and check references. Make sure that they are trained professionals who are certified wedding consultants. Check the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants, the Association of Bridal Consultants, or the yellow pages for names to call.
  • When interviewing different consultants, look for one who seems to have your own desires in mind, and with whom you seem to have a good rapport.
  • Discuss any difficult family situations or other potential areas of concern so that the consultant can develop solutions if problems should arise.
  • Be specific about your budget, and keep all agreements in writing. Make sure the consultant understands exactly what you expect from him or her.

Wedding Ceremony Quick Tips

Ceremony Quick Tips

  • In traditional Christian weddings, the bride's family and friends occupy the left side of the church, while the groom's family and friends sit on the right. The opposite seating arrangement is observed in a Jewish ceremony. In both types of ceremonies, the family of the bride and groom sit closest to the altar.
  • After all the other guests have been seated, one groomsman escorts the mother of the groom to her seat, and they are followed by her husband. The mother of the bride is then escorted down the aisle by a groomsman so that she is the last person seated.
  • The groom, best man, and officiant take their places at the altar. At the start of the music, the bridal party begins their processional.
  • It is up to you and your fiancée to decide whether the groomsmen should escort the bridesmaids down the aisle, or just wait for them at the altar.
  • The attendants should be lined up according to height, from shortest to tallest.
  • The maid or matron of honor follows the rest of the wedding party, and the ring bearer and flower girl bring up the rear.
  • The bride is escorted down the aisle by her father, who stands at her right when presenting his daughter's hand to the groom. The ceremony begins when the couple turns to face the officiant.
  • Many couples object to the sentiment expressed in the vows that a wife should "love, honor, and obey" her husband, as though she is his property. The line that proclaims them as "man and wife" is also objectionable, since it labels women as only wives, while men are important people. These lines can easily be changed without sacrificing any of the love symbolized by the wedding vows.
  • Once the ceremony has ended, the couple is announced by the clergy member, and they begin their recessional, side by side and arm in arm. They are followed by the ringbearer and flower girl, the best man and maid or matron of honor, and the paired groomsmen and bridesmaids.
  • You may choose to have the flower girl and ring bearer sit with their parents after walking down the aisle, since little kids generally have a hard time keeping still.
  • Remember that there are no hard and fast rules -- it is better to make sure everyone you want to include is included, instead of limiting yourself due to some tradition.

Wedding Catering Quick Tips

Catering Quick Tips

  • Many area caterers are booked for up to a year in advance, so it is important that you act upon this decision as early as possible to provide the greatest amount selection for you and your fiancée.
  • Some reception halls work with their own caterers, and may or may not allow you to hire a private company.
  • Find out from family and friends whose services they employed for their wedding receptions, and whether they would use this company's services again.
  • Find out if they have a licensed kitchen and the proper insurance.
  • Will they merely cook and serve the food, or do they provide set-up, clean-up, and equipment rental? Is there a washing charge for the dishes? Are the gratuities and taxes included in the fee, or are they extra? Are you allowed to take home leftover food, and will you need to provide your own containers?
  • If you do decide to rent dishes from the catering company, make sure you know what you are getting. It would be disastrous if you assume that the price includes china dinnerware and glasses, when it actually includes paper plates and plastic cups!
  • Once all these details have been ironed out, put them in writing. Specify exactly what will be served, where, when, and by whom. Stipulate the deposit requirements and payment schedule, and make sure that taxes and gratuities are discussed so that there are no surprises.
  • Showers, bridesmaids' luncheons, rehearsal dinners, bachelor and bachelorette parties are all perfect opportunities to have your caterer cook up a meal that everyone will love.
  • Many couples are also employing the services of a caterer to prepare a post-wedding brunch. This get-together, which occurs on the morning after the wedding, gives you and your new husband time to be with family and close friends in a more intimate setting before you begin your honeymoon.

Wedding Cake Quick Tips

Cake Quick Tips

* Cake flavors that are gaining popularity include chocolate, spice, poppy seed, carrot, Grand Marnier, and even cheesecake.
* If you can't decide on one filling flavor, choose one for each layer!
* Stacked cakes are gaining momentum because of the myriad of shapes they come in. Hearts, squares, and hexagons are prevalent, as well as the more traditional circles.
* Can't decide on one shape for your stacked cake? Combine various geometric shapes for an interesting solution!
* Details such as ribbons, lace, charms, beads, tulle, bows, and streamers add a festive touch.
* Other unique cake toppers include a commissioned sculpture of the newlyweds on skis, replicas of Mickey and Minnie, and statuettes of beloved pets. Keepsakes are replacing their cheap plastic counterparts, and some couples are even incorporating cake toppers used at their parents' or grandparents' weddings!
* Ask around to find friends who can recommend good bakeries.
* Be sure to ask plenty of questions. Will there be extra charges for fillings, delivery, or elaborate decorations?
* Since many bakers charge by the slice, instead of the decorations, find out how big they consider a "slice" to be. Many bakeries have different definitions of a slice, and this can be reflected in their "per-slice" charge.
* Look through their album of cakes to see what styles are available. If you can't find one you like in the album, go through cake decoration books and magazines for ideas.
* Once you decide on a bakery, reserve your date. You need not place your order just yet, but it is important to make reservations since some area cake bakeries are booked up to two years in advance.

Wedding Beauty Quick Tips

Beauty Quick Tips

  • Start this skin care program months before your wedding, to make sure that your wedding-day skin is flawless and smooth. At this time, you should also start repairing damaged hair to make it shine for your big day.
  • Consult your hairstylist several weeks before your wedding to discuss wedding-day hair-do's. Bring along your headpiece, jewelry, and a picture of your gown so that your stylist knows what he or she has to work with.
  • Stylists suggest that you come in to the salon for a "dry- run" hair appointment on the day you are having your picture taken for the newspaper announcement.
  • For daily nail protection, use a nail reinforcer that will protect your nails from splitting, drying, and peeling.
  • Experimenting with different make-up and colors is important to do before the wedding day, so that you can find a combination that suits your skin and tastes.
  • Good foundation and powder are must-haves for your wedding day, even if you don't normally wear them.
  • To keep lipstick lasting longer, buy a lipliner in a shade that matches your lipstick. Outline your lips with the lipliner, blot with a tissue, repeat this process, and then dust the lips with translucent powder. Now apply your lipstick, and add a dab of gloss in the middle of your lips for kiss-able shine.
  • Make sure that the eyeliner and mascara you choose are waterproof. Even the least-sentimental brides have been known to break down on their wedding day, and you won't have a lot of time to touch up running mascara before leaving the church.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wedding Poems: Vows and Ceremonies (5)

Our Vows
Poem by Ann-Marie Coschera

We gather here together under the watchful eyes of the Creator to share in the joining of two people, Michael and Ann-Marie. Not just in a legal joining, but also of the heart. A joining of body, mind, and spirit.

You {gestures to guests} are here to share and witness in the love that these two people have for each other. Today they begin a new life. Together they will share in the laughter and tears, the joys and sorrows, the triumphs and failures. Never to be alone with a problem. Never to be alone with a joy.

Michael. Ann-Marie. Please turn to each other and join hands.

Michael, do you give yourself completely and freely to Ann-Marie? Do you promise to love her, care for her, and just be with her, from now until both your days are done?

Michael: I do.

Ann-Marie, do you give yourself completely and freely to Michael? Do you promise to love him, care for him, and just be with him, from now until both your days are done?

Ann-Marie: I do.

Officiant: The rings please....

A circle is round - never-ending, as my love for you will never end. This ring is my promise. This ring is my pledge. {place ring on finger}

A circle is round - never-ending, as my love for you will never end. This ring is my promise. This ring is my pledge. {place ring on finger}

By the power invested in me......

You may kiss the bride.

His 'n' Hers Promises
Poem by Andrea Kennedy North Yorkshire

I?m going to give you my name today
But I really don?t know why
Still, I realise that if I don?t
You?ll break down and you?ll cry
You?ll get into one of those strops
That you get with PMS
Then you?ll start throwing things about
And make a ruddy mess.

Yet, still I couldn?t run away
Even if I tried
?Cause here you are looking at me
And you?re all misty-eyed
So in front of all these people
I?m going to say I do
And these are all the promises
I?m going to make to you.

I am going to treat you right
Yes, I?ll go out and work
And when I get home on a night
I promise not to shirk
I?ll weed the garden, cut the grass
I?ll even mend your car
I?ll even fill the thing with oil
Or you won?t get that far.

And later, when we go to sleep
I?ll hold you close in bed
Keep you secure, ?til you?re asleep
And my arm?s quite dead
Yes, I love you this much
And all this I can do
So my love, I end my vows
And promises to you.

Today, I?ll give my hand to you
And I?m all misty-eyed
You don?t know how much it means to me
You making me your bride
You have done so much for me
Made all these promises too
Well here are a couple of vows
I want to make to you.

Darling, I will love you
I will make our home a shrine
But be aware your pay-packet
Will soon be all mine.
The deal is good, I promise
?Cause when you come home at night
I?ll cook you a plate of top-notch grub
You?ll enjoy every last bite!

I?ll wash your shirts and boxers,
Even your smelly socks
I?ll make sure these are fresh and clean
The same I do my frocks,
I?ll put up with your farting
And listen to you whinge
Though you storm about slamming doors
And I just want to cringe.

I understand your crazy need
To take your bike apart;
And though you rarely show you care
I know you love me with all your heart.
Yes, my love, I promise you
I?ll do all this and more;
And I?ll always be here for you.
You?re the one that I adore.

Our Wedding Day
Poem by Frank B. Holcomb

Today is the day I vow a forever love.

A love I have been so blessed to share with you.

Knowing this is a love that begins with trust.

Understanding that a love as this has no end.

When the sun refuses to shine in your day.

I will be your sunshine.

If the rain continues, refusing to stop.

I will be your umbrella.

This love I promise you is a sacred love.

A love allowed only once in a lifetime.

Being so blessed we have the other to share this love.

Knowing this love is shared equally as love has to be.

Should you ever become lost and confused.

I will guide you back to our path of happiness.

When the nights become darker than ever known.

I will walk with you to the light.

There is no vow taken which means as much.

And I take these vows free and openly.

For love would have no meaning without you.

This is my promise not only on our wedding day.

But for each day that follows.

Ring Ceremony
Poem by Ashley

With this ring, these hands and this heart I thee wed. I endow unto you the memories of yesterday and the promise of tomorrow.

Wedding Poems: Vows and Ceremonies (4)

Our Wedding Poem
Poem by Ronald G. Auguste Phoenix, Arizona

(Please note that the poem which follows would also be appropriate to other wedding occasions, e.g., at the Reception, where the Bridegroom could recite personally to the Bride. I wrote this poem for my wife, Anita Mayers Auguste, on our wedding day.)


(For Anita, on our wedding day)

Our old lives ended ? our new life begun....
O may that life be like a static sun,
Forever burning, lighting up a way
Of love and peace, through an eternal day
Full of kind deeds born of a mutual caring ?
Sweet little things to make our lives endearing.

O let us love full free, that we may give,
With selflessness, as long as we both live,
Not only pleasures, thrills, and joys ? well spent!
But hope, and faith, and trust, and sweet content
To each other ... and let us bare our hearts
To learn the maxims there that Love imparts;
And when comes trouble, or a little woe,
Be understanding, dear ... the cause will go....

A wedding is a fusion of two souls,
Two hearts, two loves, two minds, two goals,
Forever into one.... Does that sound wise?
To me, it does; but we must compromise,
That our two lives may blossom as one flower,
Which grows more fragrant every passing hour ...
And sends its perfume lingering on the air,
Sweet as a song that will not disappear,
But haunts us with clear notes throughout the day,
And haunts us still, though our youth fade away.

I love you dearly ? now that you?re my wife,
You are the very essence of my life!
The yearning and the breath! and yes! the star!
And all the other precious things that are....

Please love me long, and let your love be true,
Fresh as a rose in dawn?s light?s gems of dew.

My love is great ? it rises tower tall!
In width and depth, my love surpasses all!
But Dear, such great love feels the greatest hurt ?
Why, even mountains crumble into dirt....

May God, and all his Angels up above,
Grant us their peace, to make divine our love.

Whole Lotta Somethin' More than Love
Poem by Judy

My fiance wrote a variation of this poem for me about 2 years ago. The 1st, 3rd, and 5th stanza are from his original, I added the 2nd, 4th, and 6th stanza. The 7th and beyond is mostly his original but we added a few things. During our ceremony he is reciting his stanzas( 1,3, and 5), I am reciting mine(2,4,and 6) and we are alternating lines beyond the 6th til the final Whole Lotta Somethin' More than Love as the last line

D: In your mind you fly, in your heart you spread wings,
Not meant to be harnessed or penned in by things.
You seem not to know why you're so loved in my eyes,
humility without conceit, no virgin to lies.

J: In truth lies the path to eternal happiness,
in your arms, I find sheltering tenderness.
Upon wings it's true, I sometimes take flight
but only for your breath, for the wind of right.

D: I long for your happiness, your joy and your glee,
words cannot describe what you bring to me.
We share so much more than the essence of being,
losing our faith would surely cause fleeing.

J: In wonder I am entranced at this love we hold
a treasure of the heart vibrant and bold.
Longing for a touch, a word or a smile
exploration within safety all the while.

D: From first light of morning, I've watched as you've slept,
awed by the phenomenon, in my core that has crept.
Not completely understood, but who of us are,
each as unique but more diverse than a star.

J: Night-time splendor as my dreams do travel,
a new world awaits for us to unravel.
Thoughts of our future, as each day rises,
a blessed gift of love, full of surprises.

D: Dreaming of the future with joy and pleasure,
J: secure in the knowledge we've found our treasure.
D: It's more than a feeling or superficial need,
J: it's a linkage of spirits, a truth all should heed.

D: Sharing secrets of, the greatest power of all,
J: there can be no doubt, we've heard the call.
D: Apart we'd roam, a'howlin at the moon,
J: eternity's a'comin, not a moment too soon.

D: Unconditional energy, a power unsurpassed,
J: the fuel of the universe when all is amassed.
D: Not control, ownership, agendas or greed,
J: nothing is better than this somethin all need.


Wedding Poems: Vows and Ceremonies (3)

My Pledge & My Declaration of love
Poem by Marlina Bee Bryant New York

I want to have an everlasting relationship
with no one else but you

We must both promise to work hard
to keep our individuality
I know that success would never be achieve
If we don`t work for it

We must promise to stand by each other
To be fair and honest with each other
To accept each other as we really are
To forget all our past and to move on with our future

We will stick with one another,
Through, thick & thin
Through, sadness and happiness
Through, pain & misery
Through, the best and the worst,
Through the difficulty and at ease

I will trust you and honor you
I will love you faithfully

Whatever may have come,
I will always be there.
As I have given you my hand to hold
As I am giving you my life to keep

Our bodies may be separated but we are ONE soul
connected together
We are to remain strong and supportive of each other
in adverse times as well as in good times

We must consider that we are
the most important person in the world
That has a significant LOVE

Even though it takes a lot of struggle and pain
To develope an everlasting relationship
I promise you that I would never ever give it up

29th December 2001, I hereby declared to the world
That I, Marlina Bee Taib has accepted you Ernest Jason Bryant
To be my partner in life and my one and only True love eternitily...
Even till Death, Our LOVE will still be remain memories and will never tear us apart...

You Are My Everything
Poem by Rachel Moore

As I stand here in this place where we have come,
To unite us together and be made one,
I know deep in my heart you?ve been created just for me,
And there?s no other in this world that can match me perfectly.

Soon the pastor will pronounce us husband and wife,
And it?s to you and you alone I pledge my life.
I?m making a commitment until death do we part.
I could be united with none other because you forever have my heart.

As I gaze up into your amazing eyes so bright,
The love that I see there makes our union seem so right,
But I?m not going just on feelings on that you have my word.
I know because of thought and prayer. Our marriage is of the Lord.

You are my love, my life, the song I sing.
God has given you to me for all eternity,
And this ring on my finger reminds me constantly,
You are my joy, the one, my love?
You are my everything.

Wedding Poems: Vows and Ceremonies (2)

Poem by Nicole Pearson

Two years ago you came into my life
And have turned my world around.

Our future than was uncertain
But the time we shared together was precious

I value every hug
Every kiss
Every squeeze
Every smile
Every minute that we were together

My heart was filled with doubt
And my mind filled bad memories
Of a heart ache I didn?t want to face again

You were patient with me
You understood me
You guided me into your loving arms
And soon enough your love for me was guided into my heart

You are my soul mate
You believe in me and have faith in us
Together we can conquer anything

These past two years weren?t always smooth
But together, with love, we pulled through

My love for you continues to grow
From the bottom of my heart and my entire soul
Every inch of my body tingles for you
When I hear your sweet voice
Or feel your gentle touch

You love me for me
And I love you for you
And with each other
All of our dreams can come true

Two years is a small amount of time
To have been together because
I know that we will be together forever

Made for my boyfriend Ryan for our second ?dating? anniversary

Charles and Hope's ceremony
Poem by Hope


Friends we have been invited here today to share with Charles and
Hope a most important moment in their lives. In the time they have been together their love and understanding of each other has grown and matured. Now they have decided to live their lives together as husband and wife.

(Parents and people are seated)


We have been invited to hear Charles and Hope as they promise to face the future together, accepting whatever may lie ahead. For the world that has been created for them, with its beauty and grace that is all around, with the strength that it offers and the peace that it brings, makes them truly grateful.

Charles and Hope, nothing is easier than saying words and nothing harder than living them day after day. What you promise today must be renewed and re-decided tomorrow. At the end of this ceremony legally you will be man and wife, but you still must decide each day that stretches out before you, that you want to be married.

Real love is something beyond the warmth and glow, the excitement and romance of being deeply in love. It is caring as much about the welfare and happiness of your marriage partner as about your own. But real love is not total absorption in each other; it is looking outward in the same direction --together. Love makes burdens lighter, because you divide them. It makes joys more intense because you share them. It makes you stronger so you can reach out and become involved with life in ways you dared not risk alone.

Marriage is not just a legal document. No pastor, no priest, no justice of the peace can create a marriage. For a marriage is truly nothing but the promises made and kept between two individuals.


Pastor--Who brings Hope to stand beside Charles today?

Bride's parents--We do.

Pastor to both sets of parents?

Parents, are you willing, now and always to support and strengthen this marriage by upholding both Charles and Hope with your love and concern?

Both sets of parents respond---We are.

pastor--Thank you, you may be seated


In the presence of our dear family and friends, I pledge to be your wife/husband from this day forward.

To live with you, and laugh with you. To stand by your side, and sleep in your arms.

Where there has been cold, you have brought warmth; Where there was darkness, You have brought light.

I, Hope/Charles, take you, Charles/Hope to be my wedded wife/husband. As I have given you my hand to hold, today I give you my heart to keep.

I will be at your side, for all the risings and settings of the sun, for all the days of fullness and in barren times. In the joy and pain, strength and weariness,

I pledge myself to deepening my love and understanding in you for all of the days to come.

My commitment is to be faithful to you alone today, as I take my place as your husband/wife.

May our days be long, and may they be seasoned with love, understanding, and respect, forever and ever.

Today is the beginning of the rest of our lives. I choose to spend today, and all of my tomorrows, with you as my husband/wife, my sweetheart, my lover and my friend for as long as we both shall live.


Pastor to Groom?
Charles, what token do you give of the vows you have made to your wife today?

Groom--A ring.
(Groom repeats his ring vows and places ring on bride's finger.)
I give you this ring, wear it with love and joy. As this ring has no end, neither does my love for you.

Pastor to Bride?
Hope, what token do you give of the vows you have made to your husband today?

Bride-- A ring.
(Bride repeats her ring vows and places ring on groom's finger.)
I give you this ring, wear it with love and joy. As this ring has no end, neither does my love for you.


Charles and Hope, we have heard you promise to share your lives in marriage. We recognize and respect the commitment you have made to each other. It is not a minister standing before you that makes your marriage real, but the honesty and sincerity of what you have said and done here before your friends and relatives.

For as much as Charles and Hope have consented together in wedlock and have witnessed the same before family and friends, by the authority committed onto me, I declare that Charles and Hope are now husband and wife.

Wine Ceremony (1)
Poem by Melissa San Francisco

"The years of our lives are a cup of wine poured out for us to drink. The grapes when they are pressed give forth their good juices for the wine. Under the wine press of time our lives give forth their labor and honor and love. Many days you will sit at the same table and eat and drink together. Drink now, and may the cups of your lives be sweet and full to running over."

Wine Ceremony (2)
Poem by Melissa San Francisco

Long ago, wine was revered as the blood of the earth. When bride and groom pledged themselves to each other, they drank wine from a single cup, signifying that they were becoming one blood, one family, one kin. Cup-raising was an invitation to the gods to witness this oath and hold the persons to their words.

Bride's name and Groom's name, share this cup in acknowledgment of the new bond between you.

Wine Ceremony (3)
Poem by Melissa San Francisco


The years of life will have some hardships and disappointments, of which this bitter wine is a symbol, remember to forgive the frailties of one another. Bear together life?s adversities and be confident that the good will always return.

(Groom takes a sip, then passes it to Bride)

The years of life have indeed, much happiness, joy, hope and goodness, of which this sweet wine is a token. We ask that you drink of it together, and as you do, earnestly seek the power and wisdom to use all the pleasure and prosperity that may come to you with gratitude and modesty, with sympathy for those less fortunate than yourselves.

(Groom takes a sip, then passes it to Bride, who then gives it back to the minister)

As you have shared the wine from these goblets, so may you share your lives. May you find life?s joys heightened, its bitterness sweetened, and all of life enriched by a constant love.

For you my love
Poem by Melissa Wirls

Some time ago, you kissed me for the very first time. That kiss melted my complete existance and made my head swirl with the realization that every notion that I may have had about love and passion were nothing compared to how you made me feel at that very moment.

Since then, we have experienced many highs and lows and through it all, you have never left my heart. No matter what was happeneing, whether it righteous or direful, the love i have for you has always remained steadfast in my very core.

When I look at you, I see the brilliance of all that lies upon this Earth and all that extends above.

To you, my husband, I give to you my smiles to remind you of our love and my laughter to surround you for the rest of your days; I give to you the tears of joy that explode each time i think of how truly deep my love for you lies; I give to you soft carresses and passionate kisses to entice you into exploring each part of my body that is given to you without reservation; I give to you two sons that although were not produced directly from you, are yours in every way of the heart and who flourish every day knowing that you are in their lives; I give to you a son that was created out of our love for one another, a son that looks to you with love in his eyes and who will grow each day showing characteristics of us both; I give to you whatever I may have and whoever I am and all that I may have or be in the many years that lie ahead

Wedding Poems: Vows and Ceremonies (1)

A Wedding Promise
Poem by Gail Miller

As a child, I had a dream,
of this shinning knight,
who would take all the wrong,
and somehow make it right.

One day, I began a journey,
as I had waited my entire life,
to make someone very happy,
and become their loving wife.

I have been very selective,
a bit picky, and choosy too.
Little could I have known,
that someone would be you.

In the past I was not fair to you,
but I had to put you to the test,
In my heart, I had to know,
you wouldn't be like all the rest.

So, I stand beside you today,
to offer you my hand and heart,
to begin a future together,
knowing this is just the start.

I will be your very best friend,
to listen patiently and lend an ear,
I will be your rock of strength,
and hold you close when you are near.

I stand by your side, now and forever,
to be so much more than a loving wife,
I not only give you all my todays,
but give myself for the rest of my life.

I give to you this promise:
to always be faithful and true,
to be there in sickness and health,
and to let you know - I always love you.

My Life With You
Poem by Kristin Warren Colorado Springs

All my life I have waited for a man just as you.
Someone who is respectful, compassionate, loving, honest and true.
I had been hurt so many times before and never thought I would find love like this.
But I'd go through it all again to find the true love with you that exists.

And today I want to make you a promise, the kind that lasts forever.
This vow I make to you has been my life long endeavour.
I stand here before you and wish to be your wife.
For I will always love you and give to you my life.

You are my best friend, the one I can always talk to.
You have always been there for me and I can always count on you.
I trust you with my life and know you would die for me.
I honor and respect you for you have made me who I want to be.

You can always make me laugh no matter the mood I'm in.
You attracted me at first with your looks, but now I know your true beauty is within.
I've cried so many tears longing for your touch
And knowing that you'll always give me a shoulder to cry on means so much.

I'm always going to be with you through good times and bad.
I promise to tell you everything that bothers me and never go to bed mad.
For my eternity with you I will spend completely in faithfulness.
Your love is the best thing I could possible possess.
Now we will be connected together as one always.
And with you I will spend the rest of my days.

Wedding Poems: Romance (23)

on our wedding day
Poem by Tanya Hager

Marriage is a gift of love
that everyone should have
The gift of love from god above
marriage is what we have

My love for you
grows each day
Never less
it seems

My love for you
is something old
something new
something not barrowed
And something very far from blue

Its been 8 years
8 years of love
8 years of me and you
8 years of tears
8 years of family
8 years I've never stopped loving you

So on the day
we say our voles
I'll be ready for you it seems
Because I love you for just being you
And for you just loving me

Only You
Poem by Pamela Campbell Scotland

This day has finally arrived, our wedding day at last,
We've dreamed about this day and it's going just so fast,
But I've never felt so happy, you are the person just for me,
I'ts you I'll love forever, in my heart you'll always be.

For with you I pledge eternity, for with you I'll spend my life,
For today and for always, we will be husband and wife,
I'll let nothing come betwee us, my promise is so true,
And I'll spend forever being so in love with only you.

From the first time that I saw you, I knew you were the one,
From the first time I kissed you, my new life had begun,
From the first time I touched you, it was just plain to see,
Fate had brought us together, destined to last eternally.

And when this day is over, and our wedding day has past,
Our love will stay here with us, forever it will last,
Your my heart, your my soul, you are everthing to me,
The day we got together Cupid must have laughted with glee.

But today we made our vows and those vows they were for life,
For today we made a commitement and became man and wife,
For today is just the beginning, of a time that's just so new,
For today and all tomorrowsI promise to love no one but you!

The Rest of Our Lives
Poem by JR

The first time I saw you I had not one chance,
you didn't give a second glance.
I saw the ring upon your finger,
But the thought of you just seemed to linger.
Nothing matters but you and I,
sometimes I wondered if you thought of me too, and why?

The first time you called I was really surprised,
but it really made me open my eyes.
The way you talked, the way you smelt,
I started to figure out just how you felt.

Now we have been together for quite awhile,
I look forward to seeing your everyday smile.
The future nights when the nights turn down low,
I look forward to knowing i won't have to go.
In the close future it will be you and me,
and lets not forget the smaller three!

To share our love and have a family,
to have the experience of our baby's delivery.

I'll take care of you, love you, and stay by your side, i'll love you forever and always,
for the rest of our lives!!!


A Love Worth Waiting For
Poemy Lindy Yeary

I wished upon a star one night
Shining brightly above me
I wished upon a four-leaf clover
Growing underneath a tree
Each year in June I wished upon a candle glowing bright
I wished upon each shooting star that passed me in the night
I blew away a fallen lash
I whispered in a prayer
That God would send my true love home
For me to love and care
With eyes the color of the sea
And a smile ear to ear
He?d hold me in his arms
And defend from all I fear
A knight in shining armor is the man he?d try to be
And every evening after work he?d come home to be with me
I wished for someone to grow old with and walk with hand in hand
And today my dreams come true, I can call him my husband.

Wedding Poems: Romance (22)

All For you
Poem by Amy King

I wrote this as a song for my soon-to be husband. It can also be used as a poem.

Here we stand a man and woman
Facing Life together
And we'll share all life has to give
With each other forever

I will be all I can be
I'll give my best to you
And through all eternity
My love stands strong and true.

We will lift each other up
As we journey along
And our steps will never falter
Because together we are strong.

With God as my witness
And you by my side
I'll pledge my heart to you
And I'll become your bride.

Here I am all yours
Come whatever may
And as one together
We'll face each new day.

So here we go together
With God as our guide.
As long as your in my life,
The future's lookin' bright.

Someday long from now,
When we are old and grey.
We'll sit out on the backporch
And reminisce about the day

When we gazed into each
Each other's eyes
And both said 'I do'
I promise now and I'll promise again.
I will always, and forever
Love you.

I Choose To Remember
Poem by Kagwiria Kimathi Nairobi, Kenya

Of the millions of moments in my life,
I choose to remember selected few,
Most recently of which are about you.

I choose to remember our first meeting,
Nothing extraordinary but a friendly chat,
I never even knew you wanted more than that.

I choose to remember our first date,
I waited patiently for hours for you,
Not knowing that God had a plan us two.

I choose to remember my engagement,
It was all but an innocent birthday party,
Only for you to go on one knee with all your hearty.

I choose to remember the look on your face,
The shudder in your voice as you asked,
I knew I never want this moment passed.

Now I choose to remember this day,
For in Gods eyes you are mine and i yours,
This moment will be forever years.

promise forever and for always
Poem by Trisha Schmidt Canistota Sd

I promise to stay with you,
through life?s ups and downs.
I promise to hug you,
when you are sad.
I promise you wipe away your tears,
when the world lets you down.
I promise to hold you
even when you let go.

I promise to be yours forever,
if you?ll be mine for always.
I promise to love you forever,
if you?ll love me for always.

I promise to be yours,
and yours alone.
I promise to be your foundation
the foundation of love and happiness.
I promise to love you,
more and more each day.
I promise that you will be my one and only
the only love of my life!
I promise to say the vows
with love and honor to the only one for me!

Consecrated Love
Poem by Rachel E. Guzman

What if we could stay this way forever
keeping our holy vows alive each day
no learning the forsaking life of clever
like the ones who let their love just fade away
what if I could stay with you
hold your hand and pray with you
welcome each new day with you
do you think that we could live this way forever
till the clock runs out for one of you or me
can you see us on our front porch swing when were older
still living off a love thats meant to be

Wedding Poems: Romance (21)

Sweet Love
Poem by Arthur Parkison

Dearest Sweetheart let me say,
Next to my Savior, you are the best thing to come my way,
You shared your love with a lonely man,
When you accepted my wedding band,
I am truely sorry for the things in the past,
That almost caused our marriage not to last,
But with God's grace and your sweet love,
Our marriage is now blessed from God above,
You gave me Three daughters and eight grandkids,
Oh, my Darling, how I love you,
As we grow into our golden years,
My heart continues to swell and my eyes fill with tears,
I don't see how I could love you any more, but let me say,
My love surprises me, as it grows deeper day by day,
As we grow older and the years pass by,
Remember, my Darling, my love for you will never die.

Last Love
Poem by Stephanie

To see thee there
so far away,
wonder why
we can't stay.
Our love is sure
Our souls in touch,
I will always remember
our first in such.
The day I grew Happiness,
the first day we met,
are so much the same
thats the date we kept.
our love is tender
for which we know not.
We will always grow together
whether we want to or not.
Our life will begin
not far from now
thats the day,
we will both exchange vows.
From that day on
we will build our life
as we unite together
as Husband and Wife.

Poem by LaSharndra Clark Westchester, Illinois


When we leave this fallen world someday.
Didn?t we hang on each other?s coattail all the way?
When we argue fuss and shout.
Wasn?t it the best of us screaming to get out?
Our marriage is an institute of higher education,
the close union, the duet for two voices, the dedication.

Our romantic story is the best cure for heartburn.
An equal partnership with double duties and still we learn.
We hold a mortgage, a duet decree on our matrimony.
There will be no hangover from the intoxication of acrimony.
We have a rule, where both players win and both lose.
We ignite a field of battle where no ones a single fool.

We are a legal union living together for the advantage of two.
An institution, that gives a man and woman the rights to woo.
This isn?t the lottery, where you tear your ticket up if you lose.
This is on-the-job-close-union training where experience is a tool.
Our voyage of the sea of matrimony is where we strive to be,
where all the crewmembers of this ship breathe equality.

We have a spouse trap where no one else gets in & no one gets out.
We become our own fight promoter and build our own clout.
When our bond-license becomes material to stress or strain.
We refocus ourselves in the direction of the duet-for-two?s aim.
We have a life sentence to each other.
Design and built to keep out another.

Communication, trust, listening and understanding,
Is what we give to each other without being demanding.
Encouragement, respect and a you-can-do-it attitude,
is what we give to the one whose not in the mood.
We have more than a document put down in black & white.
We have inscribed in small print: Fighters for life.

We have a membership in the marriage hall of fame.
Where there is a committee of two whose heart is the same.
Our path of union is laid for our kids to be.
In hopes that this beautiful custom they?ll see.
They?ll understand the use of the bond license decree,
That provides an institution of a strong family tree.

Our matrimonial partnership will only end in death.
But our two-union dynasty will have provided much wealth.
As we journey through that narrow path together.
Whatever, the matrimonial climate we?ll weather forever.
Our grave lay next to each other by that blossomed flower.
We?re still holding hands under the bond license power.

Wedding Poems: Romance (20)

It was you
Poem by Barbara Hartman Canada

When was it that I knew?
That first glance my way..
That I'd be with you.
That first kiss that stole away
My breath, my heart
And now today...
I stand beside you
to love, laugh and adore
Beyond time and this embrace
With love and eternal grace
I'll take your love and your hand
without question or demand
I pledge my heart
till there is no time
I am yours and you are mine

I will, I can, I do
Poem by Stacie

I will- I can- I want-

I will marry you in front of the world in front of no one at all,
I will love you in our bedroom the living room or hall
I will live with you anywhere, a mansion or a shack
I will go anywhere with to the ends of the world and back
I can stay awake and talk to you forever and a day
I can spend my life by your side and never go away
I can look into your eyes and see my future there
I can offer you my soul, with out worry or despair
I can tell you that I have always loved you,
I can tell you that I love you now more than words could ever express
I want you to be my husband you are the very best
I want to hold your hand forever and feel your caress
I want these things forever, eternally, with out end
I want to be your wife your lover and your friend.
I DO Love you always

If ever
Poem by Tiffany Davis

If there is ever a special person I'd have to say it's you
If ever there is a great love I'd have to say it's true
if there are any faults about I'd have to say it's very few
and forever I will be your wife, so I'd have to say I do

Answered Prayers
Poem by Danielle ( Terrebonne) Louisiana

I'm lying here awake and I just can't sleep tonight...
My mind and heart is racing, I found you..."Mr. Right".
My prayers were answered and my dream had finally come true...
All on the night when I first spoke to you.
I had been waiting for an eternity for the chance we'd meet...
This amazing individual to finally make my heart complete.
I thought my chance had come, and I just missed it...
My happily ever after just never really existed.
Then one look into your soulful eyes and a slight touch from your hand...
I knew god above sent you to be my man.
Someone had a hand in it before we even knew...
It was purely fate, me meeting you.
With you I feel safe and have no reasons to hide...
You have unlocked a part of me I've kept buried inside.
They say that " home is where the heart is" and I know this to be true...
For I have never felt more at home since I gave my heart to you.
You have brought so much emotion and love into my heart and soul...
With you I find contentment at the thought of growing old.
You are today and will forever be in my life...
My loving husband, and I your devoted wife.

Love Through the Eyes of a White Dove
Poem by Crystal

Caged up we hear them sing
We all know joy is what they bring
The bride in lace, the groom in tails
The preacher at the alter saying "Hail Grace"
All the family gathered round
to hear the precious sound
The Bride says her vow with a tear in her eye
The groom can't wait to watch sunrise with his new wife by his side
The Preist with Bible in hand says,
"you've tried and tried,
look where you are
life can sometimes seem bizarre
Our thoughts and prayers are with you
So please bid adieu
To everyone who knew
You would make it here together."
"Give your vows and say "I do"
The ring represents the circle of love
and the love that never ends
Love is only a gift that God sends
The priest confirms the final vows and pronounces
The church bells ring
And let the doves fly
Never ask why
The white doves sing
Doves represents love
and joy is what they bring

Wedding Poems: Romance (19)

I do
Poem by traci

His hello was the end of her searchings
Her laugh was their first step down the asile
His hand was her's to hold forever
His forever was a simple as her smile
He said she was what was missing
She said she instantly knew
He was a question to be answered
And the answer was I DO

A best friends promise
Poem by Donna Pulley Dedicated to my fiance Frankie Hahn

If I am dying I'll grasp to you
I promise no matter what we do
we'll always be best friends
forever and ever a promise that won't bend
I'll cling to you when the world is gray
I'll hug you when I'm afraid I'll stray
I'll run to you when I'm sad
I'll forgive you when you make me feel mad
I'll forever be here for you and you for me
So that our relationship is strong and all can see
When I die I want you to know I'll be free in heaven and you should glow
and don't worry when I'm gone I'll be with my Farther
happy in joy nothing to bother
so if I leave this earth before you do
just still know I'll always love you
and we'll meet up in heaven someday
and in peace and joy we'll stay
I'll wait for you up there
and of time I won't be aware
so you will be up there with me
then happiness we will see
and if you go before I even near my time of death
I'll be sure to breathe for you with every breath
I'll talk about you as if your still here
and love love for you will be in each tear
I'll hold you in my heart dear to me as ever
and I'll remember our friendship forever
but we're here togeter now
so lets enhou the time it's yours and mine
more than any other so that you can see
I'll bere for you and ditch you for anyone
'till the end best friends we will remain.

Throughout Heaven and Eternity
Poem by Paul V. Campos Phoenix, AZ

Throughout Heaven and eternity
unto this very wonderful day
you have spread your angelic wings
to soar amongst the majestic light
Yet when you had begun to descend
across the cloudless starlit sky
knowing you were sacrificing paradise
so we could meet on this fateful night

The darkness existent within my eyes
was washed away with your glance
the beauty that shines from your heart
has put me in an everlasting trance
A blissful passion will embrace our lives
as the winds of desire begin to blow
when a firestorm envelops the horizon
effortlessly our love will begin to grow

As my friend - you have been the best
as my lover - you have proven to be true
each day I will try my hardest to ensure
that you know just how much I love you

Wedding Poems: Romance (18)

I Couldn't Ask For More
Poem by Cindy Oliver

I couldn't ask for more than what you're granting me today,
The opportunity to shine as good fortune rules my way.
An extra chance to cherish you for what you've given me,
A love so pure and supple which I've longed to finally see.
I've got all I've ever wanted having you within my life,
I couldn't love you any less if we were never man and wife.
But I'm so fortunate to celebrate the chance we will unite,
As we treasure all the memories as it all fades into night.
This is all I've ever wanted, this is all I'll ever need,
Just to stand beside you now and always and watch our lives succeed.
I couldn't ask for more than this, the love 'tween you and I,
And I'll cherish every moment for every second that goes by.
It's a wonderful occasion filled with family and friends,
There is people here to show us that they come with love to send.
And the joy within my heart, so tremendous, so divine,
I'm so glad to show the world that this day's for you to shine.
It's another day to like you, to love you, to show you,
That I'm proud to have ever met you, to feel you, to know you.
And with that thought in mind that's why we're standing here today,
So I can look you in the eyes and voice the words I've longed to say.
In the presence of everyone here today who'll listen upon my vows,
I'll be your partner from this day forward and I'll prove it here and now.
For richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, you won't have to question my heart,
I'll love and I'll cherish you, I'll repeat if you want me to, 'til death does us part.
As the years go by they'll just get better as our love does grow,
And of all the disagreements met our love won't cease to show.
When circumstance has struck us tough, we will thrive to move it,
In any situation there's no reason we can't work through it.
As we look back on this day and we think about tomorrow,
We've made it this far now and we've indeed ignored the sorrow.
As the future hails upon us each and every day achieved,
We can be proud we're together and we will strive to always be.

Our Heart
Poem by Joseph J. Sajczuk, Jr Denver, Colorado

The day we met, friends in deed
Our hearts protected from sadness and glee
Honest we were, not pretending to be.

Your eyes to mine I could see
Our hearts danced, together we would be
Our hardened hearts soften did we.

Together we would be
My heart I gave you, your heart to me
I cherish your gift of thee.

Friend you are to me
Husband and Wife now are we
Our love for eternity.

To the end of my earthly days I promise thee
All I have in me
I give to you, for I so Love thee.

Touched My Heart
Poem by Terence J. LaPoint

The first time I saw you and look into your eyes to say Hi
When I saw you from a distance whether it was from across the room or just passing you by,
You Touched My Heart!
As we spoke in casual conversation either with friends or one on one,
I would see that perfect smile that would light up a thousnd planets..... perfect with the sun
You Touched My Heart!
Each day that comes with the amazing thoughts of you consuming my mind
The tremendous feelings of seeing you again that is like love for the first time
You Touched My Heart!
The first touches of your hand across my chest with the feeling of tenderness and love in your soul
First kiss upon my lips which was so deep, that took its toll
You Touched My Heart!
When we embrace each other, locked together, we are one with perfect rythym in our heart
As we become closer together as best friends, we've become soul-mates that can not be broken apart
You Touched My Heart!
When you said "Yes" to our life for eternity, made my life complete
You told me how much you love me with out a doubt
As we journey through life together, I promise you my eternal love again and again with every heart beat
You Touched My Heart Forever!

Two hearts
Poem by Clarence Allen Iva, South Carolina

Two hearts beat
at first independently singular
until the first glance
that first interlude;

Two hearts beat
irresolute'ly singular
through the pretenses, hopes and fears
until the rhythms smooth----the "I Do's"

Two hearts beat
in unison, beat by simultaneous beat
as if one, meshed together
in God's perfect love

Two hearts beat
sharing the flow,warmth and rhythms
of the ripples cascading from
two hearts forever as one

Two hearts beat
my wife's and mine
forever entwined
Dottie's and Mine

I love you

Wedding Poems: Romance (17)

I Dream Your Love
Poem by Katherine Branton

Lying alone on my bed,
I trace the shape of your face in the air.
Your soft dark eyes
And your raven hair.

So I lay alone,
Waiting for you; I dream, I pray.
You come to me like a fragile leaf,
Carried by the wind then blown away.

I am just being foolish to think,
That I am anything you are looking for.
You shy away from my touch,
And I want you even more.

What have I done wrong?
What can I do to make it right?
Will you be mine?
Say 'yes', not 'maybe' or 'I might.'

I love you.

On this Special Day
Poem by Averil Hatton Aukland New Zealand

On this special day
you take my breathe away,
and when the day is over,
and the stars come out at night
I look into your eyes,
and know it is so right.

From the moment we met,
in my heart a secret was kept,
But every-one could see,
you were so right for me,
When I asked you to be mine,
you wept and said yes,
and my heart just leapt.

You make the sun seem brighter,
The music sound much sweeter,
the doves sing and take flight,
I rejoice and praise god,
that I meet you,
Each day now has meaning,
and is so wonderful and new.

On this special day,
I give my heart away,
my love, my life to you,
and in every way,
I will make my devotion so true,
and make every day a special one,
beause my darlng I truly love you.

Remaining Years
Poem by Arthur Parkison

Dearest Sweetheart, when I saw your picture so many years ago,
And my sister told me on a date you would go,
I said "Why would this pretty girl want to go out with me.?"
Because,up till then, no girl had wanted to you see.
But then I met you and my heart leaped a mile,
Such a beautiful girl with a heart warming smile,
I don't remember what was showing at the drive-in that night,
All I could see was your beautiful light,
You had such a great personality and I had so much fun,
I knew right then that you were my special one,
When I asked you if I could kiss you, and our lips first met,
My heart done flip-flops and took off like a jet,
As we talked till the wee hours of the morn,
I felt inside like my spirit was re-born,
That is why after three months,I asked you to be my wife,
I wanted to be part of the rest of your life,
On our wedding day, when we said "I Do," I felt so much joy inside,
Now I had someone to love me, Oh, what a beautiful bride.
Since I didn't know how married life should be,
I cause you a lot of heartache and misery,
But now I thank the Lord above,
For shoring up your tender love,But then I met the Master and through his loving care,
He has taught me how my love to share,
Now that our love is flowing in both directions,
I feel like our love is nearing perfection,
As our anniversory draws near and we celebrate in a special way,
My love for you grows deeper each and everyday,
You know my love is deep when,
I would say "I Do" to you all over again,
Sweetheart, I look forward to our remaining years,
With a lot more laughter and a lot less tears,
Now our love is so tender and sweet,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my life complete.

It has been forty years. This is to show young couples today, If you are married to your soul mate, it will last a lifetime.

I wished upon a shooting star
Poem by Andrea Kennedy North Yorkshire, England

I wished upon a shooting star as I lay alone one night;
To send me someone wonderful who'd love me all my life,
Someone really special who would take me as his own;
Then that shooting star exploded, leaving me in darkness all alone.

But, still I kept on wishing as those dying embers faded
'Cause I had been alone so long, my thoughts on love were jaded.
I really needed someone I could love with all my heart;
Someone funny, warm and caring, from whom I'd never want to part.

Then, suddenly, lo and behold, you came into my life.
You stood by me through sun and rain, now want me as your wife.
So I'll meet you at the altar love and give my heart to you
The stars will celebrate with us as we both say, "I do!"

Written for Peter, the love of my life...

Wedding Poems: Romance (16)

Our Love
Poem by Becky

As I lay in bed my mind drifts away,
Remembering the words of love you would say.
Whether in a crowd or all alone,
Look at our love; see how we?ve grown.
Thinking that one-day we?ll be together,
We'll be together forever.
Nothing can tear us apart,
There?s a cord of love that binds our hearts.
?For better or worse? that?s what we?ll say,
Now and forever by your side I will stay.
Till death do us part is the vow that we?ll make,
I?ll love you forever this promise you?ll take.
Throughout your day, and through your night,
On a cloudy day or when the sun is bright.
Do not fear I?ll always be here,
I hold your love so very dear.
You alone hold the key,
That unlocks my love?s mystery.
You?ll never leave me, nor I you,
Now and forever our love will be true!

In this Moment
Poem by Jeffrey Manges Orlando, FL

In this moment that took me by surprise
On bended knee as you gazed into my eyes
The romance of a Boardwalk with an old-fashioned flair
The buds of our romance had its very beginnings there
From magical beginnings to this very special day
As we celebrate all our intimate joys we have shared along the way

In this moment our love is to be shared
In this moment our commitment declared
With a single kiss our union will be sealed
As we mark the years together our true devotion revealed
With the support of all those the we hold dear in our hearts
They will witness our marriage vows as our journey starts

In this moment our next steps will begin the journey together we will take
Never a day, a moment will we forget or forsake
Never forgetting this day, or the first time I held you in my embrace
The Butterflies, the tingling, or how when you enter the room my heart still continues to race
In this moment when we realize that life?s greatest secret is something that is untold
Only through our true love does it begin to unfold
It never comes from an idea, a great mind, or even a book
In this moment, looking into your eyes, realizing true love is all that it took

Life on our own
Poem by Becky Souder Plymouth Meeting, PA

We managed together
through our formidible years
Luckily, with more laughter
than with tears

You know my worst and best - complete
You love what others have hated
and would often retreat

We have an understanding,
a love we just know
Without the need for sappy words
or a sentimental show

We're ready to start our life on our own
Now, we're the adults,
even if we don't act fully grown

So now we begin on a long
and uncertain ride
That I'd only be willing to take
with you by my side

To My Perfect Husband
Poem by Joy Thomas Tennesse

Even if we will get old,
I hope our feelings will not change,
Whenever, Wherever this is my wish.
Can you still manage to kiss me and hold me tight,
Until we will get old?
I just want to ask one thing,
Will you still love me even if my hair will turn
to grey?

Time will come our hair will turn to grey,
Together we will be reminiscing good old days,
We will bring the good old days again,
I will help you to remember.
My promise is that my love will always be there,
Until we get old and if you will have grey hair.

My Bride
Poem by Arthur Parkison

Many years ago a beautiful girl became my bride,
She gave her hand willingly to walk by my side,
Many times the road was rocky and long,
Yet, instead of out marriage falling apart,God's
love has made it grow strong,
We have spent many years walking hand in hand,
With so many precious memories since we
slipped on our wedding bands,
Sweetheart, my how the time has flown by,
The depth of our love brings tears to my eyes,
It is hard to believe it has been so long
since we said"I Do,"
Sweetheart, what a joy it has been loving
We have something worth more than the
richest mine,
With God, our marriage has stood the test of
Through God our marriage has truely been
And from the flower garden of Love,
I know I got the best.