Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Table Number Ideas for Reception

Want more ideas on alternatives to table numbers for your reception. Here are some more ideas on how to be creative at your wedding and express you and your groom at each table.

*If you went to college together, get creative and name each table after halls, dorms or special places at your alma mater. My fiance and I are planning to do this, naming the tables after different halls from our college, Miami University. Our head table will be the dorm we lived in, and using names of other buildings and special places on campus for our different tables.

*Name each table after a special place in your relationship. Whether it is a local ice cream shop the two of you always went to or the place where he popped the question, this is a fun way to give the guests a “history lesson” or your relationship.

*Going to a neat place on your honeymoon? Name each table after different sites on your honeymoon.

*Want to stick with the traditional table numbers but looking for a way to jazz them up? Put pictures of you and your fiance on each table card, and maybe a little history of that picture, like when and where it was taken and why it is important. Another way for guests to learn some history about the two of you, while not getting confused on where Table Reid Hall or Table Magic Kingdom are.

*If you or your fiance have a unique interest or hobby that you both share, use that interest or hobby to number your tables. Again, a good way to share your hobby with your guests and to personalize your reception.

*If you have a specific theme, use that in your table numbers. Whether it’s Mardi Gras or Medieval Knights, using your theme in your table numbers can make your wedding creative and fun.

*You and your groom in love with a certain movie, television show or sports team? Name your tables after characters, players or certain sites dealing with those topics.

*To keep your guests entertained during cocktail hour, why not play scavenger hunt? If you and your groom are a bit more daring, instead of making place cards, have the guests “search” for their table by giving them clues about their table name or number. Although this may not go over well with certain types of guests, a fun and energetic crowd might enjoy this idea. This also lets your guests know each other better and mingle more.

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